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ATT rep. set up a plan to change from DSL to UVERSE for 30.00 mo for one year. Rep. assured me there would be no installation or equipment fee.Was paying 33.00 mo. for DSL so it was a good deal. First billing received was for 49.00. Informed ATT to cancel service and sent equipment back. Informed rep. that im retired and have plenty of time to meet in small claims court. This is not the ATT of 30 years ago. All the excellent/prof. employees... Read more

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In April 2015 an AT&T tech told me that my new modem was not working right and that they would replace it at no charge, it was still under warranty. They came out with a new one that was exactly like the one I had, and before they hooked it up I asked if there was any cost or charge .I gave him the old one and he said keep it or throw it away. On the May 2015 bill they charged $7.00 equipment fee. I called them up and they gave me $7.00... Read more

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Ordered AT&T wifi before moving into my apartment and wa told it could'nt be installed for 10 days. Not a problem...Checked to make sure it was still okay because I had never seen a confirmation E-mail, little did I know the person I ordered through messed up my Account. I went into the store near me to resolve the problem it was fine we got it settled and they took another $100 from me promising that it would be reimbursed. Then charged me $50... Read more

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Had AT&T wireless, but their service was so bad, I decided to switch. Because I had a cancellation charge of a huge amount, I was allowed to pay it off in payments. I didn't miss one, and in fact, overpaid several times. They decided, nonetheless, to send my account to a collections company with only three payments left. Called AT&T and they called me a liar and they had set nothing up with me. Dint do business with these jerks!!!! Read more

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It's scam. They deny having this FCC-mandated program. They deny, cheat, and steal. Even though this program is advertised on a daily basis through the internet and TV. After being a long-term customer of AT&T, I cancelled their service. I'm done. They've plucked that last nerve. They are the WORST. They treat their customers like ***. Their "outsourced" call center gives you attitude. No doubt they probably treat their employees like ***... Read more

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I have had internet service with ATT for about 15 years. The service used to be very good. About 3 years ago the speed slowed and has been going down hill every since. I now cannot operate my cell phone on the internet most of the time. Cannot order movies and certainly cannot use my computer. My speed shows 0.025mbs when it come in, but most of the time it says it is not connected. I no longer have WI-FI at all. Called your company and... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 28
  • #908623

Purchased ATT go phone which slides into a tablet. Phone stopped working so I called customer service. They told me to ship it back to them but the have to charge me 200.00. My phone with tablet was only 99.00. She said once they receive my phone the 200.00 will go back to my account. I received the replacement, but they are trying to tell me they never received the phone.

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 27
  • #908262

I can't believe the location where I work on key Biscayne Florida zip 33149 has no service for a whole week I called and complained but it does me no good what's up with that why with fixing a tower take over a week I am pissed

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They turned off our service without any notice - did the same thing a few months ago. When I called to get it turned back on I had to pay not only the past due amount (which I knew I would have to pay) but the current amount which wasn't even due yet (almost $500) to get the service turned back on. Somehow, mysteriously, our account was cancelled, and now they can't figure out how to get our service back on. I have spent 7 hours on the phone,... Read more

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UPDATE: AT&T called me said the same ***! They REFUSE to honor what was promised to me! When I asked about why my bill last month was the correct $151.06 she said well he gave you a credit... well... give it to me again! I was promised a price I confirmed it over and over again THAT IT INCLUDED THE INSTALLMENT PAYMENTS and my plan! this is ridiculous! Yes, I'm using a lot of profanity right now, but anyone in my shoes would be doing the same! I... Read more

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