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I scheduled a time and date for an AT&T technician to come and install internet to my home. I waited two weeks for this because that's when my date was and after the day finally came my technician never showed up! I even called a hour prior to the time he was suppose to show up and they told me they would be here! After calling a second time ten minutes after they were suppose to show, I was told they would eventually show up and I should just... Read more

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I have AT&T landline and DSL. Both have been out for 18 days. I have seen repairmen several times but they don't see the problem through until it is fixed. I have called in many times to get an update. Only 1/3 of promised call backs have occurred. This afternoon I was told someone will be out tomorrow, aka day 19. I asked what was different this time that they expected the next guy could actually fix it. All I get is the "we understand... Read more

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I've finally removed myself from the stench of AT & T and Direct TV after several months of pure ***. Every time I spoke with someone a promise was made and then a bill would come stating an amount due 3 times what I was told on the phone. The Direct TV part was so bad it was painfully comical. I moved and a tech came out, told me I had no line of sight and said he called his supervisor to cancel my service with no penalty. I figured that... Read more

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I really just want my service cancelled and allowed to go somewhere else. I am 76 years old and was tricked in to purchasing a tablet along with a new phone and two lines or service, I only use one line. I have tried many times since I have had this contract to get out of it, I call from time to time and it is always too pricey. I even tried again today and it would be $610 plus my bill to leave. Below is a copy of today's conversation and how... Read more

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After my 2 year contract expired in Oct 15, my first bill increased by appx $65. When I called, they backed it off to what I had been paying before. But....every month's bill after that was different and had to call every month after that. I got disgusted and switched to cable. When I called ATT they told me I would be charged a $105 termination fee. I said I wasn't on a contract and this was proven by every month's bill was different. Told... Read more

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I find the latest att commercials so hard to watch. The whole family is in a panic because the internet staps working. I do get annoyed when that happens but the way it is portrayed as a complete disaster just makes me sad. I know I'm probably overreacting to this, but feel families need to spend more quality time together. To me that doesn't mean sitting in the same room, staring at a screen. Add comment

today, ATT personnel dug up in my yard with a small bulldozer. I told them that there was a sprinkling system in place, but they did a terrible job of digging, ruining the sod in the lawn, and they left even though I was available to check the system while they were here. When I turned on the sprinkler system the water gushed out onto the sidewalk. Once the repair is made the system can be checked for being in working order. Also, the lawn... Read more

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On May 24th, 2016 I called AT&T to cancel my business service. I have three phone lines and DSL internet. I have decided to switch my phone service to Ooma and my internet to Time Warner. I called AT&T at 12:58PM and got an intial person who noted that I wanted to cancel my service. He then said I would need to complete this by talking with a “Retention Specialist” and that he would transfer me. He did so and I spent 1 hour and 48 minutes on... Read more

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I cancel my service with ATT and after the cancelation I called to pay my bill. I asked the customer service if there were no more bills and they say that was my final bill. 30 days later I got another bill from ATT. Called and they say that my billing was on the 6 and I cancel on the 8. I would have to pay for the service even if I did not received it. I spoke with a supervisor at ATT billing and they say that there is nothing they can do. ... Read more

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In January of this year I switched from Time Warner after years of using their phone service due to needing a traditional landline. I had ATT service briefly and yet the entire time it was such confusing and unprofessional interaction. Each month my bill was a different amount even though I rarely used the phone. No two agents had the same explanation for this, and it lead me to believe even their employees do not understand their policies and... Read more

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