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I've had AT&T (SBCGLOBAL.NET) for years, I've had some trouble many times with the phone. I talked with the repairman and he said it was the lines that were old. I decided to go with Verizon Wireless. I stayed with Verizon for 2 years. Less than $25.00 each month. My contract with Verizon was about to expire and I wanted get back with AT&T. I got back with AT&T for less than $25.00 for Wireless. This move made me pay AT&T in two different bills.... Read more

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I had been a loyal costumer for at&t, but not more! The quality of the costumer service is getting low every day. Not one but twice they after me promotions that they don't want to honor. Every time a call to at&t's costumer service, they transfer my call and I had been wasting too much time dealing with them. They offered me a good deal last week and when I called to make my payment there wasnt any note to honor what the costumer... Read more

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august made the biggest mistake ever cancelled Comcast (thought it too expensive) and got a package deal from AT&T Account No. 154654263 Kept my landline which we have had for years could phone the U.K. no problem (before Comcast and thru Comcast) I try phoning U.K. and am told not authorized for international calls????? Have spent many hours phoning about this. No action just keep getting passed onto other persons. Last call regarding... Read more

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I've bean with AT&T for 2 years and lately I've had terrible service and I'm now going with t Moble I only give them 1 tamale

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This last time ( and each time I need help it is always the same- "Not to worry we will take care of it ) and each time the issue is not fixed). Currently 10/20/2016) have been trying to set up my fathers Lifeline phone to a new room ( he is 99 years old and lived in a residential facility). It has now been over one week and he still does not have a working phone in his room. I have now called ATT customer service 6 times. Yesterday I was on the... Read more

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So my rating of At&t is that it is absolutely without a doubt terrible at best and so bad I sometimes would just rather not pay them and let my credit take the hits at worst. Like I really do not know how the employees can be so incompetent, so helpless, so untrained, and incapable unless At&t were looking for those traits while hiring. I'm not some angry crazy person who hates life and go on rants, I never do this, but after speaking with many... Read more

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We are part of the Note 7 recall. We have 2 Note 7s that we bought at Best Buy on 8/28/16 (switched from Verizon to AT&T as well it took 2 hrs). We went back to Best Buy on 9/21/16 and exchanged our Note 7s for new Note 7s (Took 2 1/2 hrs due to roll back and upgrade problems with AT&T since we had moved over from Verizon at time of upgrade in August). We went to AT&T Wireless (didn't realize they were a third party reseller too) on 10/14/16... Read more

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If anyone has an ATT Uverse problem, do not expect to get any help that will permanently solve a problem, but they can cause even more problems. The left techie has no idea what the right techie does. My house is now full of holes, yards of wiring up and down and around in and outside my house. Before U-verse Techies, my house had never been invaded by men who arrived with tools to destroy the house and still leave us with the problems they... Read more

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Have already have 10 lines my account adding one more line sales guys told it will be only monthly smartphone charges 15$ then after adding when 1st bill generated they 30$ more for the additional line when i called customer care they are saying as per At&t policy allowed to added 10lines per connection additional will have 30$ additional charges no way they can override that, just week before sales person at call center told no additional... Read more

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I foolishly decided to order a t & t about 2 months ago. The tech came out to install land line phone service. I changed my mind about the phone because it could only be used downstairs. So, I asked the tech to forget my order, so he left without installing phone. Since then, a t & t has stolen hundreds of dollars out of my account. They have also been harassing me with about two mail pieces a day. In letters, a t & t threatened to come and... Read more

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