Crystal River, Florida
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AT&T took over the area I was forced to change to them, but I was assured that I would not even notice the change over, because I use the phone for my business I was concerned. The day I had full bars on my phone but when I would try to dial, I got the message that I could only make emergency calls at this time. When they got that fixed I had about 18 dropped calls in a row, three days later I found out I had 6 customers that couldn't reach me, number always busy. 2 that chose not to deal with me anymore.

They then said it was my phone so I brought it in they looked at it said it needed to be replaced, I thought my problems were over.....NOT!!!! Nothing had changed at all, also found out if I was inside of any building at all I couldn't get service, even in my home(house not apartment building) I had to go out on my deck to get it to work at all.

So I thought it was time to draw the line, because I had a 30 day grace period I decided to change companies. I went to the AT&T store and ask them if I bring the phones there when I change over they told me that they were mine to keep, I couldn't believe they would do that so I check at a couple more stores and thought I would put them in a phones for soldiers drop box at the local VFW vets club.

Two months later I got a bill in the mail for the old phones $485, after all my effort to get the right answer the AT&T ITIOTS!!!!!!!couldn't get it right. I explained to them what happened to the phones and they said they did not care they would never tell customers that the phones were there's to keep.

I then was billed for the first month of caos $118.00, I got a lawyer and got the *** holes straighted out again, I cost me $150 but they are crooked folks at AT&T so all of you be careful for there little scam they got going.


Product or Service Mentioned: Att Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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