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Now I understand that we all must do what we can to pay our bills on time. And it is understandable that companies charge late and reconnect fees.

This is what they must do to ensure and regulate monthly incomes and projections of profit and loss. Now that being said. A $49.00 reconnect fee is extreme. banks will charge $20-30 for NSF fees, your utility company may charge in the ranges of AT&T U verse.

But this is more understandable seeing that the utility company sends a paid employee with a company truck to disconnect and then reconnect your service, and even with that fee from the utility company they probably loose money reconnecting your service. AT&T U Verse takes your payment and with in minutes your service is on and your back online. I have my Internet service with AT&T U Verse and pay $55.00 monthly plus fees. add a $49.00 reconnect fee and your bordering $100.00 for internet service.

I have paid this fee a few times and AT&T U Verse is not even willing to discuss a reduction to this fee. The first time I was charged a reconnect fee was an honest misunderstanding between me and the account rep that had setup my account, I accepted it and moved on. he said this and i said that. but even at the moment I thought this was a little extreme, and the second was my fault,my bills had got ahead of me and I neglected to pay on time..OK Internet is what I would say comes after Utilities and Food..So I accept responsibility for my late payments.

But to charge $49.00 plus a $5.00 card convenience fee to accept a card over phone and allow and automated system enable your services....IS AGAIN EXTREME AND IN MY OPINION EXTORTION. and to make it better I am also in a one year contract so the choice of going to Comcast or other competitors is out of the question unless I want to pay an early termination fee.

I honestly cant think of any service company that charges this high of a reconnect fee..Come on maybe $10-$15 is acceptable, hey even add a $5.00 late fee on top it..$15-$20 for forgetting or unable to pay is acceptable...So I will end this rant on this note..Even for you out there that have never been late or for those that make it a monthly habit...I would advise consumers to really explore other options, I can certainly tell you that after my contract term I am going elsewhere because this only adds too the many other issues with service dependability and less than average download speeds. U verse offers much less download speeds than the other high speed internet companies

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I was shocked & infuriated to be assessed a $49 internet 'reconnect' fee for the May 2016 bill. I was three days, yes, only a mere three days late paying my bill!

Talk about being ripped off. I've not decided whether or not to pay it or cancel service & buy internet elsewhere.

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