My pain began in August when my business phone plan was coming up for renewal. I called, made some required changes, and when asked to sign up for U-verse, declined because my DSL service was doing fine for Email, and that was all we were using it for.

When I received my next bill it had doubled. I called to find out the renewal order was not processed. I was told the the changes and credits to my bill would be made if I paid the entire bill of $437. I paid.

My next bill came in at $860+. I called again. I reviewed the plan changes, and was told if I paid the payment in full, the credits would come and the changes made. I said no and asked for a corrected bill and the changes made before I paid. None of the changes were made, and I was informed that the DSL service would no longer be available in our area, so I would have to sign up for U-verse. I declined and sent $ 233, the cost of plan with the changes made.

The next bill came in at $669. I called and was informed that my plan was in "Treatment" that none of the changes were made or would be made until I paid the entire bill, then credits would be applied. I declined and asked for a corrected bill, and the changes made at renewal. I sent in $237 the amount of the plan after adjustment. The DSL was disconnected, and one of my 5 phone lines was also even though they were still shown on the bill.

The next month the bill was $849. I was informed that our service was being disconnected. I call several people in the retention department and finally found one that looked into the details and communications and found our bill should have been $105 + fees & taxes. I was assured that the changes would be made and the fee credits applied to my account. I sent in $240 to cover the same plan previously agreed.

The next bill was a whopping $890, with threats of disconnection. I called. No changes made, no credits applied, No DSL, yet all the services were on the bill. I discussed the whole thing with the "retention" dept. who said someone at AT&T Global Connections had canceled all changes until I paid the entire amount. I returned to "retention" who went over my entire billing and call history. They gave me an adjustment number for the credits due me, gave me an order number for the agreed changes that would be $105 +fees and taxes. They ended with assurances that the service would not be disconnected.

On December 29th at 4:00 all services were disconnected. After finding out that everyone that I had talked to was a "contractor" to AT&T, I called and was referred to someone in the Phillipines. I hung up, and called the collection department in Florida, AT&T global connections, another "contractor" another set assurances, all agreed, but as yet no changes, no service.

To conclude, nice people individually, but collectively could not hit the ground with their hat in three try's I have nothing to fix this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Phone Plan.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

I didn't like: No help of any kind.

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