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ATT in Mesquite, Texas - AT&T Refused to Help Me With My Defective Phone

About 2 years ago, I ordered a Sony Ericson w 580i cellphone. The phone was nothing but problems from the first day that I got it. The first time I spoke on it, the phone dropped the call on my end. The person I was speaking to could still hear me, but I couldn't hear them. I didn't think much of it, so I wasn't concerned. However, I was concerned about the fact that the music I downloaded on to the phone's memory card was not always saved on the phone. Even after I had played the music on the phone, I would go back and the music wouldn't be there. I called the manufacturer, Sony, and they said that I must have received a defective phone. I sent it back to AT&T and they sent me a replacement. Well, the problem with the dropped calls persisted. I would be on the phone and about 10 or 15 minutes into the conversation, the phone would drop the call on my end. I ended up having to send back 2 other Sony Ericsson w580i phones. Well, the last of the phones began to have problems and I called customer service, and when they tried to connect me with tech support, it would reroute my calls to the main customer service number. Each time I called that happened. Finally, one of the customer service people had to use his own number and to get to tech support. Then, he told the person on the other end that it was my phone that really needed help. He actually had to trick the company into assisting me because they had set up the system to prevent me from reaching tech support!! I'm a paying customer!!! If your phones suck, do not sweep the problem under the rug and try to railroad the customer. It seems like they were trying to prevent me from returning the phone, so that the return time period would run out. The ONLY redeeming quality that AT&T has is their rollover minutes. If not, I would definitely pick another company. I may just do that anyway. AT&T definitely has shady business practices and people are aware of it. In a Consumer Reports survey, AT&T ranked last in customer satisfaction. I wonder why? By the way, I don't remember having any problems when it was Cingular.
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I had almost the same issue, but I have verizon, and they wouldnt fix my phone. They told me to come back when the problem was occuring so they could actually see that there was something wrong with the phone.

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ILD ATT Customer is pissed off

I found out I had charges from ILD ( as well as OAN and Enhanced Services) on my ATT bill that I had not seen since I have automatic payment from my credit card. I called the 800 number and they told me I had signed up on the internet for their services. This bogus and fraudulent. ATT obviously gets a kickback for allowing the billing and should have some responsibility for receiving my money and keeping a portion of the bogus charges. I requested a block of all third party charges and they refused, saying it is Federally legal. That does not mean that it is required!! Trying to my money back from these bogus companies is a joke. I requested they send me proof of my so-called order and they said I would have to have a court subpoena to get that. We might just have to have a class action law suit against ATT to get some consumer protection.
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ATT in San Marcos, California - AT&T has the worst customer service and lousy cell coverage

Of all the vendors I have to deal with, AT&T is by far the worst in providing customer service over the telephone or via the Internet. The people in the stores try to be helpful and are reasonable to deal with. Why do I still deal with them at all? Because I love my iphone--as soon as another vendor offers the iphone, I won't be an AT&T customer. I've already moved my phone and Internet service to Cox Cable and I've been happy with their customer service for over 10 years. The first major issue is that in our area (North County San Diego) the cell phone coverage is spotty and all my friends with Verizon state that their coverage is quite good in the same area. To overcome the lousy cell coverage AT&T is selling the AT&T microcell for $150.00 which transfers cell calls made from your home from their lousy network to my Cox internet network (or whoever your Internet provider is). What has prompted my complaint today is that I've had the AT&T microcell since December 12th and the device will not activate. Apparently, it's a problem with my address and the E911 system, but absolutely no one with any technical knowledge has contacted me since I created a customer support ticket 8 days ago. Two people have called me to ask, "do i still have the problem?"--yes I still have the problem because you haven't fixed the problem. The person today called and said "there was an error in the support ticket and now she is routing it to the right department"--it takes 8 days for you to figure out I'm not getting any help--yes that is the type of support you can count on receiving if you are an AT&T customer. When I call Cox Cable, I get help with an intelligent, knowledgeable person within 15 minutes--that is service. AT&T is the worst vendor of any vendor I deal with and I deal with Microsoft, Dell, HP, Apple, and Cox Cable. The only vendor I can give a compliment to is Cox. If you can avoid AT&T for your wireless carrier, by all means do so. AT&T is so bad, I keep my eye out for a replacement for my iphone, just praying for the day when I never have to do business with AT&T again in my lifetime. The current problem is only the latest in a string of unhappiness whenever I have the misfortune to have to contact AT&T customer support. I won't bore you with the previous similar sad tales.
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I just spent 1 1/2 hours on the phone with AT&T, being transferred no less than 11 times (from Wireless, to home Phone, to Accounts Receivable, to Wireless, etc.). So here's my story...over 1 month ago I added my son to my account with a new iPhone.

As part of the process, I was asked if I would like my AT&T accounts consolidated into one bill. I agreed. I watched as the AT&T store representative completed the work on the in-store computer, after which he gave me a printout with my new consolidated account number (which was my home phone account). He told me to make sure that I change the account number if I used online banking as I would no longer receive bills under the mobile number account.

Sure enough, the next month (10/2/2011) I get a bill under the home phone account and pay promptly pay it and I receive no further mobile account bills. The day before yesterday I get a message...which notes that my mobile account is now $270+ past due. Miffed as I was, I went ahead and paid the $270+ bill as both of my children were traveling out of town and I didn't want any problems. Today, all of our mobile phones (4 of them) are cut-off by AT&T.

When I called, the automated attendee acknowledges the payments received by AT&T and asked if there was any additional reason for my call. I was on the phone for over 1 1/2 hours, transferred from dept to dept and back again to the very same depts (different people of course)...I even was transfered once to the SouthWest customer service center (though I live in the SouthEast). Come to find out the accounts were never consolidated (though I never got another mobile account bill), and my home phone account had over $350 credit in it. At 5:30pm, I was asked to fax a copy of the cleared online banking payment (that AT&T already acknowldged they received and processed) in order to get the mobile phones turned back on.

I asked 7 seperate times if I could speak to a Manager...never connected to one.

AT&T provides the absolute worst customer service of any services I use (internet, cable TV, etc. I still don't know whether I have consolidated accounts now or not, or whether I will be receiving (once again) separate bills (or not)...sure glad I didn't pull the trigger on U-verse.


Updated comments on the AT&T Microcell--AT&T finally activated the device at the end of February, and the device gave me better coverage for my iphone within a radius of 40 feet of the device. But, there were two problems--the device interferes with my laptop connect card from AT&T.

I had to turn off the device in order to get send/receive email to work on my laptop. So typical for AT&T to not system test a new device with other devices they sell!

Then the device lost signal connection and I haven't bothered to re-connect it. Once again, instead of dealing directly with the problem of lousy coverage, AT&T sells a device which works only sometimes and interferes with the AT&T laptop connect card.


Same answer for Barbie and the others who want to sign up with Pulse. Go to their webpage and you will find how to contact them by phone or by email. Good luck!


Sead, you can find all the info you need clickin at:

I am with Pulse Telecom and I have Speed Dial on my cell phones, so I can call Italy for only 2.9 cents per minute. You should try it.


hi james. i understand that you are a customer. how can i reach pulse telecom if i want to sign with this company for international phone calls?


:) Hi,Tad,

Pulse Telecom has Internet releted local service which is good and unexpensive. There is a small activation fee(very sall compared to other companies's fees).

You could have unlimited local long distance and international calls to many different countries.You would have to check their webside. I don't remember how much I pay .They take authomatic payments from my account.Go to their and look for LOCAL SEVICE


More info about Pulse Telecom at:

Hope it helps.


:p Hm , that is interested James .I'd like to learn more about this Local Service of PULSE. Is that VOIP or DSL?

Do you know what I mean? Do thay have any contact?

Do they charge activation fee? Give me some hints,please .


:p Hi, James . I have a question re; this Local service of Pulse?

Is that VOIP or DSL? do you know what I mean?

Do they charge connection fee? Do they have contracts?

Where I can find more information about this company? I want to call quit with AT& T.


:eek James ,I have a question regarding this Local Service of Pulse. What king of connection they have.

Is it so called VOIP or DSL ? Do You know what I meant? Is there any contract?

How much do they charge? Do You have any number I could call?


AT&T has horrible customer service. They have too many customers to care.

When you have holes like that in your business though, it catches up. Companies crumble adventually. It may be slow but it will happen. It may not be in the big CEOs' lifetime but their kids or grandkids will bear the brunt of treating people like ***.

I pay them almost $500.00 dollars a month between cell phones, phone and internet. The reps have screwed up my account every single time I make a change to anything. I have to call back and sit on the phone for an hour to get them to undertand what happened. 4 times (yes 4 in the last year) I have had to call back a 2nd time (that is 8 calls of an hour) and sit on the phone for an hour to explain again becasue the 2nd person screwed up.

This time it is a third time I am calling back because they have not fixed the issue of overcharging me and screwing up everything on my account. They have overcharged me multiple times. It is easier to pay the extra money than to call them and that is not fair. When I call about an issue and complain, each rep blames it on the one before them being "NEW".

Really!!!!!! I HATE AT&T!!!!

If I had not already spent all that money on 2 IPHONES then I would already be gone!!!! I am in the process of getting different home phone and internet service and as soon as I get the use out of these iphones I will switch to VERIZON!!!!!


I actually work for at&t the problem isnt always the rep...I as a rep want to find a solution then & there but when there is a bigger problem then we are told to escalate it & thats where they sit on it we ask managers to close us from taking call after call so we can take care of the issue but if it looks like its gonna take more then 15 or so minutes they want us to put it on a commitment so another closed rep can work it but that takes weeks cause its like 1 rep doing escalation after escalation per office. imagine 100 reps r open taking calls & 1 rep is closed taking all the issues that need escalations thats alot of work but thats AT&T for u


Dude, you'll find more info online if you search on Google for NECC Telecom or Pulse Telecom.

Sead Ibrahimovic

Guys, I never heard of those long distance providers NECC & Pulse. Can I get more info about them?

Because I really need a calling card or something to call my relatives in Bosnia. How can I reach them to check out their promos and rates?



Same thing happened to me. Big companies bring big troubles.

They don't care too much about their customers cuz they have millions of them.

After my bad experiene with AT&T I signed with NECC Telecom, a small but good LD calls provider, and everything is fine now. I have a very good connection and cheap rates for Albania, Germany, Italy, Spain and UK.


:zzz I know what You mean. I have been with AT&T for years and I finally got rid of them by taking PULSE Telecom Local Service. I am very satisfied with the connection and small fixed monthly fee.

Although , it has nothing to do with your compain I felt obligated to respond because I'm so happy to say goodbye to AT&T.

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My husband and I have been customers of AT&T for about 5 years. Within the past few months, we have had so much trouble with them it isn't even funny. The first incident happened a few months ago. My husband emailed me (he's deployed) and asked me to call ATT...
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A few years back, I moved across town and got a new telephone number with Qwest. Shortly after that, AT&T somehow got into my bank account and made an "automatic" withdrawal of $248.

I had never had an AT&T account!

It took endless hours of excruciatingly frustrating and unproductive phone calls and letters before I finally discovered that the number I had gotten had formerly belonged to a military man on deployment and they had been charging me with his calls home.

It took me two more long calls to resolve the situation; I had to open an account with the bums, then wait a month-plus for them to refund their plunder. No apology, no compensation for the distress, the raid into my checking account, nor the 3-month loan I unwillingly made to them.

But I'll bet they take very good care of their government protectors!

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ATT in Orlando, Florida - My phone has been blocked.

My son; Louis Ernest is being held at Gulf Corectional Facilty, his number is #CO1298 and he has been unable to call me. I am his 89year old mother; Gina Diaz,because the faccility says there is a block on my phone? I contacted my phone company, AT&T and they told me the problem was at your facility's compny Evercom Systems, Inc. That phone number is 850-639-2164. Please unblock my number so that my son can continue to call me. I am his only living relive and we need to stay in touch.. Please do this for Christmas, so that I can talk to my son. Thank You, Georgina Diaz (407) 208-0535
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I hope you called this number yourself and complained. Remember its the squeaky wheel that gets oiled.

No one else can help you because we do not know your phone number.

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ATT in Fremont, California - AT&T/Bellsouth WPB FL They are liars, thieves, communists and they suck!!

AT&T/Bellsouth WPB FL They are liars, thieves, communists and they suck!! I moved to the apartment next door. Everything was working fine until I found out that the jack in the room that I chose to use for my office was not working. When I called AT&T/Bellsouth, I told them the situation and they told me it would be a $99 charge to make the one call and an $85 charge to re-wire the line for the jack in that room. A woman named Sarah told me that they were going to waive all these charges. She promised me this. I even called several other times over and over and again I was assured that these charges would be waived. Then I received the bill. The bill stated that I owed $305!! $305!! You can just imagine how I felt. I was not expecting these charges as I was told it would all be waived. So now I contacted them again to see what was going on. I was on the phone from 11:30AM-2:30PM. Which they kept transfering me from one dept. to another. What it came down to was that they told me "No matter what they said to you we don't care and you have to pay these charges". A big communist lie! I am now stuck having to pay $305! AT&T/Bellsouth LIED TO ME!!! AT&T SUCKS!!!! Thinking seriously about going to Comcast!! AT&T SUCKS CANAL WATER!! Everybody in their little depts. are liars and thieves! Do not choose AT&T for your service provider. They do not stand by their word!! Again AT&T sucks. EVERYONE OF THEM CAN GO STRAIGHT TO *** FOR ALL I'M CONCERNED. Aleida - West Palm Beach, FL
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People who live in an apartment should never purchase the maintenance plan. That responsbility falls to the apartment complex, not the renter.


There are more chances of the Pope becoming pro-choice than me choosing AT&T. Just for that reason I will never buy an Iphone. Waiting for the new Google phone.I could not agree more with you.

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ATT in Los Angeles, California - Beware of AT & T telephone billing process

I received an envelope in my mail box from Chilton Wi., and thought it was a christmas card. I open it and to my surprise it's my personal check I used to pay my bill with a note from a gentelmen telling me he found it at a paper recycle plant laying on the ground along with other peoples checks for the whole world to see in Wisconsin. I called customer service at AT & T and spoke with an AT & T rep named Steve his responce "OH WELL" and didn't care. So if anyone is wondering how Identy theft is happening this is a great example. My next stop is the Local news channel to see if they would like to have a go at it and put the word out there!
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I can't wait to get rid of AT&T home phone service! You are not allowed to discontinue or cancel your service online, and when you call and get through 20 minutes of recordings, and then wait 20 minutes on hold for a representative, only to find out that you must...
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I moved to lines to U-verse (no problem); the over the phone U-verse phone activation worked fine (both lines in one call). Then I called in to 1-800-288-2020 per the support tab at (home phone/ local& long distance ...NOT U-verse) to get a third line still on traditional service disconnected.The disconnect was very quick, even though warned about long hold times an agent came online almost immediately. I also was offered a live handoff to resolve an unrelated U-verse issue; all in all everything was handled professionally and with respect to my time.

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ATT in Boynton Beach, Florida - AT&T Charges $600 for internet connection

I have an AT&T Mobility Wireless card to connect to the internet with my laptop. The cost is $60 per month or $80 after taxes. This month, my bill was almost $600. I called AT&T and was told that was because I used the card roaming in Canada which international roaming applies to. I downloaded my email two times from Montreal. Can that really be $600 worth of usage to connect online twice, even if t was from Mars? AT&T is a greedy white collar criminal organization. I think a government agency should step in a stop this raping of Americans.
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ATT in Los Altos, California - AT&T is the worst company!!!!

I switched service from T-Mobile to AT&T about a year ago and it was the worst thing I could ever do! I kept dropping calls with T-Mobile - but ironically, AT&T's service is far worse than T-Mobile. I literally drop every single call I make at least once per call. I keep trying to call the person I was talking to back and it hangs up automatically. I have called a person 20 times and 20 times that it hangs up. It does not even go through. And I cannot make any calls when I get into the subdivision where I live. I have lived there since October and I already know that when I get close to the area - I will lose my call. All my contact list knows that if I'm suddenly disconnected it is because of my *** phone, my *** service, my *** AT&T!! I am soo pissed with AT&T!I want out of my phone plan.
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