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ATT Service IS Terrible!

Dealing with company has been an absolute fiasco. First they never sent the equipement within the time frame they promised. When I complained, they told me they did not have the order and talked me into placing another order. A week later a service technician arrived unannounced to install a DSL line. A day later a second service technician arrived to instal another DSL line. I told him there must be some mistake as someone had already installed the line. He checked the line and left. A day later a modum arrived. A day thereafter a second modum arrived. After much effort and over 2 hours of call time to ATT's support line, I managed to get the DSL line working. Whew! My worries were over - or so I thought! I phoned ATT to cancel the one line, as they had obviously duplicated the order. This they confirmed and agreed to cancel the one line. About an hour later my DSL service stopped working completely. That was THREE days ago! Since then I have called them endlessly and spent a small fortune on cell phone time. As this is a business, my whole business has come to a complete halt (we also use VOIP Phones). They promised to send a technician, but he never arrived. I am at my wits end. Unfortunately I cannot get another service provider to supply service that meets our minimum speed requirements. ATT's measely 6 MBPS is barely ample, but they are all we can get where we are. I HATE this company. I will do everythinbg I can to publicize what a terrible company they are. ATT SUCKS BIG TIME!
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Below is the email I sent AT&T and their response to my complaint. The issue is simple while on vacation in the Dominican Republic I NEVER used my phone except where I could access the internet. ATT charged me $2 for every incoming call that went to voicemail even...
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That's normal procedure and it's not only AT&T's policy.

Every service provider charges you for phone calls even if you don't pick up the phone and don't check your voicemail.

The explanation is simple.

Let's say your provider is AT&T and you get a phone call while outside the USA, AT&T is connecting your call to the country you're at "borrowing" the foreign network to reach your cellphone. Now you don't want to pick up the phone to save some bucks and let the call go to voicemail, it still doesn't change the fact that the person is using the foreign network to leave you a message. That network will charge AT&T for it and AT&T will send you the bill.

The fact that it's so expensive is also not AT&T's fault since every provider can charge whatever it wants, which is normally very expensive. The European Union is passing a law right to keep roaming charges within Europe somewhat regulated by specifying the max a provider is allowed to charge.

The best thing you can do when you travel internationally is to buy a local card you can use in your cellphone (if you have a GSM phone where you can exchange the sim card and as long as it is not locked to a specific network - iPhone -).

If you don't plan on calling the best thing you can do is to switch off your voicemail before leaving the country and to turn off data transmission in your device. That way you won't pay for anything unless you take or make a phone call.

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ATT in Detroit, Michigan - AT&T Wireless drops calls & charges

I just got off the phone with AT&T wireless C/S (the call dropped once while we were talking). I drop calls all the time with my IPhone and have sporatic 3G service at best. The folks at AT&T are always polite and professional, but I have had this problem since day one. Best Buy put a new SIM card change. AT&T told me to reset the network change. Today two months later they told me that with the IPhone they are too limited to help me resolve the matter. I guess I have to live with it.
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Wow, I can see now that I did the right thing. After many droped calls "most with my new girl friend" 8) I was learning that AT&T stands for GREAD with no consideration.

But then the roll over went fast, and they wiped out my unused so I went over. I uped my my added text message pan and did that twice, upto 1500 messaged, but they ate at my air time. I got feed up and went with another company. unlimitted everything for half the price and no droped calls so far.

no more :sigh for me AT&T.

I got new service and a new server. Set your friend and neighbors free.


UPDATE! After many calls to customer service at AT&T I decided to let them call me, so I didnt pay my bill.

It worked! THey called me promptly. Now remember, everyone that I have ever spoke to at AT&T has been courteous, professional and eager to solve my issues. This call was no exception.

Once I explained that the reason that I purchased the IPHONE was because of the rave reviews and the fact that AT&T claimed to have the widest 3g coverage available.

Here is how they solved my issue: THey told me to turn off the 3G...and it worked! I have dropped one call in 1 month! My internet is slower, my email down loads at a slower speed, but hey at least my calls to customer service dont drop.

Way to go AT& suck! BTW, they told me that my service area doesnt have adequate 3G coverage...I live in Detroit!


I know what you are going through hallmanjason. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and am on my 3rd new Nokia 3G phone from AT&T.

I am STILL having a lot of dropped calls at all hours of the day and night, horrible voice quality where there is static/crackling and interference when I make a call, voice and text messages that don't come through for several hours if at all, spotty reception/dead zones, and times when the phone won't ring at all. I have called customer service at least 4 times and like you, am always told to reset the phone settings. Nothing is ever fixed! It's AT&T's *** network that is the problem, not the phone.

I've never seen a company care so little about it's customers. So many people are having problems with their service and they are doing NOTHING to fix the problems.

I've even written to their corporate offices, and never get a response. Avoid AT&T at all costs.

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ATT in Fair Oaks, California - Failed to call back to get my system running

This has got yo be the worst company i have ever delt with. I had a security system installed and it has not worked right since it was put in nobody will help me on the phone and they give me the run around when i try to talk to a superviser I had u-verse put in and it was not compatable with alarm so i went back to my old phone system and it still does not work. This compan has more complaints than i new about or i would have neve switched to them, i am sorry i did. The guy that sold me the system refuses to call me back for help, and he said call me anytime. ***
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ATT in Milpitas, California - AT&T Making Bogus Charges On My Account

I have been a customer with AT&T for almost 10 yrs now and this is the first time I am having suach a major issue and they are not silling to resolve it. In August I saw a charge of $100 on my phone bill and htese wre calls made in Singapore I called up AT&T and explained my position to them stating that I was in SIngapore for one day on a transit Visa adn I never made any calls and they said tht'd drop these charges as a courtesy. I asked them to look into it cause I was not sure why I was being billed for calls that I never made. Come September I see a charge of $800+ on my phone bill all calls made in Singapore> I tried patiently to explain to them that I am in the US and I have the SIM card locally so I fail to understand as to why i am beign charged for calls in SIngapore. The only explanation to that was "Well Sir we can trace all the calls on you phone bill and they seem to be legal charges" I told them that I could send them copies of my passport which would prove that I was not in SIngapore so why should I be charged for calls originating in Singapore. The explanation tot hat was that if I get calls from Singaporea dn it goes to my voicemail I still am responsible to pay International charges which does not make any sense to me.To beign wiht I know of no one in Singapore and the other thing is evene if I was getting calls from Singaporea nd I am not picking them up then why should I be paying for it. To add insult to injury she says that I my new bill already has chrges woth $750 also calls made from Singapore. I told them I could send them documentations showing that I was nto in SIngapore for less than 24 hrs int eh past 3 montsh on transit and I could also send them the SIM card registered to th ephone to ascertain that the SIM card is local. They are not willing to listen and want me to pay up almost $1600 for calls that I am not responsible for.I shter any way I could dispute this. Shoudl I be lodging a complaint in the small claims court? Any insight would be helpful cause I do not intend to pay for these cahrges and do not want ot mess up my credit history. cheers
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every provider is like that...if you are out of the country and don't want charges TURN YOUR PHONE OFF!! someone calls you even if you don't answer...charge...someone texts you and you don't open hits your phone...charge...guess what T-Mobile and ALL the international providers do the SAME!!

has nothing to do with at&t...and furthermore, that's what the international provider in singapore charged at&t to let YOU be on THEIR network, at&t make little if any at all on those charges...PLUS worldwide communication mandates allow international companies 90 days to figure and dispatch charges so you can be in singapore January 15th and not see it on your bill till April 14th!!!

it's not at&t's cell phone LIFE!!! ;o) peace...


BTW Keats.......soo sorry. good luck on that one.

The credit thing has you over a barrel. :cry


I despise At&t! Always have since my first phone...then they took over Cingular.

There used to be monopoly laws in the good ol' USA. Anyway, they are all about ripping you off. Spent 1 1/2 hr. today trying to get a payment that was credited to a dead account put on the one it was intended for..."sorry mam it went to the 'overage' account"...I asked how many millions they made in the "overage" account.

no answer. I talked to 8 diff.

people..listened to menus until I was crazy. Searching for alternative now...quick.


Sounds like your phone number got digitally hijacked

it happens in the us they can do it with a computer.


When going outside your home country you will be charged bigtime. Roaming fees, insternational charges and depending on the provider an extra fee for using thier services.

Tell your provider that the SIM was lost and get a new one like Jeff suggests. When you go outside your home country ask your provider the fees involved to which country you are visiting. *** just leave the *** thing at home next time.

But you won't. You'll take it with you, charge up a boatload of calls and then expect your provider to *** it for you.


I guess your phone has bluetooth enabled and people can hi-jack your phone with bluetooth and make phone calls. With bluetooth they can *** into your phone and steal your pictures and sim information.

It is your responsibility to figure if that is on or off. As for international calls being made that you have to call for. If you receive calls you should be the one charged period. If you make them is when your charged.

Contact the BBB about the issue and do mediation with them and bring all the documentation to show you were in the US. recipts, passport, bills, etc. How can you make calls over sea's. Then again you could had your phone cloned and being running a scam yourself.

Free calls for your friends in Singapore. I would ask for a new sim card or new number just in case they cloned your card and jacked your service.


I have some insite.....learn how to type!

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ATT in Madison, Wisconsin - AT&T wastes money and time

I ordered high-speed internet from AT&T in mid September 2009. I was told the internet would be connected on September 30. When asked if I would need a modem, I said that I already had one; the person eager to sell me services said that this would be fine and never bothered to ask me what type of modem I have. My cell phone (serviced by AT&T) disconnected me during this phone call, but the person (Albert) eager to take my money called me back so that we could finish the order. On the evening of September 30, I plugged in my modem and learned that I still did not have the internet. I called AT&T and was told that I would have service by midnight if I did not already have it. Midnight came and went; no internet access. I waited nearly two weeks to deal with the company again, hoping that surely someone would actually connect me to the internet before I made time to call tech support and ask them to rectify this. No one gave me access to the internet, though AT&T did find the time to send me a bill. Tonight, October 12, I called tech support. I was disconnected four times during the hour and a half I spent on my AT&T cell phone with AT&T tech support employees. While each person I spoke with asked for a call-back number, none of them attempted to call me back, so after each disconnection I had to call back and begin this process over again. During my conversations with Gavin, Albert 2.0, and Steve, I learned that AT&T does not support my modem and do not know how to help me with a Motorola cable modem. This was disturbing for two reasons: (1) Motorola isn't exactly an unheard-of company, and (2) I was led to believe that supplying my own modem would be fine when I first ordered services. I was not offered any disclaimer or warning that AT&T is actually confused by a black Motorola cable modem. Steve suggested that Support Plus might be able to help me, but agreed that this would probably cost more money. Given that I did not want Support Plus and still suspected that this problem rests with AT&T or the infrastructure of this building (I recently moved and this is my first time trying to get cable in this building), I am uninterested in adding yet more costs to an internet connection that has yet to connect. When I was told that supplying my own modem would be fine, I was not told that I was potentially adding yet another service to my bill. I told Steve that his offer of Support Plus was unacceptable, and that I wanted a plan from him or his company regarding how I would get the internet, or I wanted to cancel my service. He had no plan to offer, but said he could send me to the department that would cancel my service. He put me on hold, and after 8 minutes, 5 minutes of which were dead silence rather than the annoying recorded hold message, I hang up. I called again, and spoke with yet another employee, who at least stayed with me long enough to inform me that the department that could help me end this internet fiasco had closed about a half hour ago. Had anyone been able to help me faster, or called me back when I was disconnected, I might have reached this department before they closed. So I am currently still expected to pay for an internet connection that has never connected, lost 90 minutes to a lazy tech support department that seems determined to waste as much of my life as possible, and will have to start this process again tomorrow morning. My loathing for AT&T continues to build. I cannot wait to end this account for internet services, and will argue vehemently that I should not have to pay the bill I received for worthless services. I am stuck with AT&T for my cell service until my contract expires; hopefully by then the iPhone will not also be restricted to AT&T because I would prefer anyone to a company that permits me to be treated the way I have been treated through this internet fiasco. (I am currently connected through wifi from a company that has nothing to do with AT&T.)
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att is nothing but bs. for all u (sob) that want to stand up for att u must work 4 them.

cause u have to be a customer to understand what we r going though. was a customer for two year and got tired of calling and dealing wit *** customer service. no one att no what there doing or the info that they give there customer.

i would use two cans and a string b4 dealing wit att. :( :(


I have had a horrible experience with ATT as well. When talking to customer support they not only disconnected my t.v. and internet Uverse, they went so far as to disconnect my ATT telephone which is on a separate service account.

I called back on my Sprint cell phone.

My problem is connecting my wifi on my desktop which also is hardwired. They insist I only use it hardwired and only use my laptop as wifi. I don't think that is their decision to make.

A 3 minute guide to connecting my wifi was all that was needed. Instead, they took hours, sometimes days of my time, to assist me with the connection.

I think what they do, is disconnect me from their end, "pull the switch" as I put it.

Sometimes when my t.v. service goes out, all I need to do to reconnect it is to call them. While I am waiting for a customer service tech the t.v. goes back on all by itself.


Just to let you know at&t home internet service and at&t cellular service is 2 seperate companies. So saying you want to cancel your cell service will not effect your home service at all.

Also waiting 2 weeks to call them is a big mistake. They are not mind readers and don't know you are having problems unless you call.

So good luck with trying to get your bill fees waived. They will think you were receiving service during those 2 weeks.


So much wrong so little time.

First off you connect TO the internet. You don't get internet.

Then your biggest mistake is the same mistake most people make. You assume. you assumed a modem is a modem is a modem. Well *** obviously it isn't so. I would love to go in to this in detial but I doubt you would even begin to understand the differences between cabel and DSL.

Then you lay the blame somewhere. A common mistake in your kind. Instead of admitting your mistake and solving the problem you point the finger. Wow suprise there. It's easy aint it? ***.

WIFI is a standard not a connection. You are curently using a wireless ethernet connect to connect to an access point that has a connection to the internet.

***. Please sell your computer and never EVER buy a new one. Your ignorance is *** me off.


I guess where it went wrong is the sales person assumed you knew what you were talking about when you said you had a modem. Go figure, isn't the customer always right?!?! FAIL...

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ATT in Livingston, New Jersey - AT&T scammers

A company named RSL called my business identifying themselves as AT&T, and offered to upgrade my DSL service for "Free" because of my loyalty to AT&T since 2003. I had the women repeat 3 times that it was absolutely free. She lied regarding everything she said, and sent a new modem which I did not order, and AT&T upgraded my account with a higher monthly fee. I spent over two hours getting the whole scam reversed. I will be canceling my AT&T DSL asap, since they allow these scammers to prey on their clients. AT&T has no respect for it's clients!
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I downgraded from 1.5 to .786 at the advice of at&t because of connection problems.They assured me if it didn't correct problem I would have no problem going back to 1.5. Now they say it is not available to me.

I had to drop 2 college courses because of slow speed when taking timed exams. I will have to go an extra semester at my expense.They have refused to even try to work with me, I have had the 1.5 package for six years and now they say it is not available to me.

They care nothing about their old customers. I would advise no one to get involved with at&t internet services.


Agreed. Those credit score companies are a new invention of the New Economy.

I think companies have been using them to control us, as well. They force us to take they crummy, no-competition services or they punish us.

They also get to raise our rates on things, like credit card interest, using this method. "It's your fault" is their premise for stealing more money from us.


I had purchased a Black jack from AT@t in 2005 paid over $500 for the phone to avoid getting into a contract.I have called to cancelled my internet on the phone to save on money,they never cancelled it, charged me for the months I have though it was cancelled.Then I go to cancel them they tell me I would have to pay to terminate my contract.Well they got nothing for geing greedy $0 Never again will I ever deal with at&t again. Only thing about not paying them is bad credit mark but you know i'm sick in tired of letting company's take advantage over us and we put up with it to avoid bad marks on our credit a make beleive score which benefits companys only and charges you to look at but eveyone else can look for free and this is our personal.

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ATT in Las Vegas, Nevada - Oan is still inluded in my AT&T bill charge is 27.90

I have been charged 27.90 by OAN services on behalf of "Signature Mrkt News-email Svc" 14.95 mnthly and "YourBillingSolutions,Inc-Vmail" 12.95 mnthly for approx 2 yrs on my AT&T bill. After many attempts to resolve this with OAN, I decided that AT&T should be held accountable. They must have a contract with OAN, which means they gave their approval and are being paid by OAN for the space on each statement. I have made a verbal and written complaint to AT&T and asked them to make sure this is no longer allowed on my statement. I explained in detail how this company is using them to defraud me and I expect them "AT&T" to make sure I get every penny back. They have not compiled, in fact they have ignored my threats of suing them and continue to deliver this monthly extortion and demand payment. Respectfully, Shannon M Nick Sacto CA
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what does OAN stand for???

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ATT in Madison, Tennessee - Incompetence or what?

Around the first week of July, I received an advertisement form AT&T indicting they now had bundled services in my area. I was happy to see this, because my bundled Cable bill had now risen to $200. I called and setup services for home phone, local and long distance, high speed internet services and TV with two premium channels for $124 x 6 mos, then to $148. Basic services were $30 for each, totaling $90. On August 11, 2009, I came home and to my amazement we had DirecTV and no premium channels. I immediately called Direct and spoke to someone who informed me Direct was "in" with AT&T and now we have a two-year contract with them. I told her that we were expecting AT&T, not Direct and no contracts. She also informed me that if I cancelled I would have a $479 cancellation fee. A couple of days later I was able to reach someone with AT&T and explain to them what had happened. This person said that in order for us to receive DirecTV we would have had to ask for it. He said that U-verse was available in our area, so we should not have gotten DirecTV. They said they had my credit card number and would take it from my account. Yeah, right! We kept getting all these different dates for installs for the phone and computer, meanwhile, I still being charged for the cable bundle. AT&T had a hold on the paperwork we could not cancel anything. It took two months to get all the services we initially requested; however, we received a bill from Cable for $70. In addition, I now owe over $750 worth of bills, including a $98 bill for a modem and phone service from AT&T that I have never used, (apparently, this is another division) they said that the U-verse bundle services does not include the phone, it was separate. I have already paid U-verse $166. This was a bait and switch scheme. We never asked for Direct, a separate modem and we should have stayed with Cable. I'll never do this again. I'll just do without any of it. It's not worth it. Either these people do not know what they are doing or are attempting the scam hard working people.
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DirectTV is owned by AT&T. It should be branded AT&T DirectTV.

AT&T Uverse is another separate division to AT&T. Uverse does voip, but most places can't support the line quality you need. So, they install regular AT&T telephone instead. So, technically.

TV could come from direct, telephone could come from local AT&T, and internet come come from uverse. 3 different bills, but bundled.

It is AT&T trying to match what the cable company has the best way possible.

Honestly I would go to the BBB complain, take AT&T to smalls claims court, and send some higher up's emails, regular mails about you being screwed. You might even go as far as to contact a congressman.

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ATT in Helena, Alabama - AT&T/BellSouth

I have had My telephone service for 3 years in March of 2010, every month they call me on the 16th wanting to know when I'm making my payment within these 3 years they have disconnected my telephone 2 times because of one,it was my fault because I missed understood when I was suppose to pay it. Second time was because I received a letter saying that they were going to disconnect my service and the representative that I talked to said that I only had to pay a certain amount which I payed and they still turned it off Which I had to pay another connection fee. This month called and talked to MR.Palacheck and he informed me that I had to call every month to let them know when I would be making my payment if it is not paid before the 15th of the month. Why do you put a late payment date on the bill if this is not true because the letter I received this month they said I had to pay it before the late day which is suppose on the 26th of the month and I have always paid it before the late day. But now there saying I have to call them each month. Also Last October 2008 this same company charged me double saying that I would have it paid 30days ahead, so what happened to that money and Why do I have to call every month
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I am Just feedup every month it is Drama. It is causing me to have Aniety Attacks.

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