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Aug.2,2013 Update:

The only AT&T service is internet which works well. After contract is up in 2 years may switch.

Have Ooma (voip)(total $149 for main Ooma & Lynx) with a Lynx for extra separate line (so 2 phone lines) now pay $3.71 for taxes a month!!! May upgrade for premier service a few bucks more, maybe $10/mo.

Consumer Cellular $16.03, though I use it rarely unlike some folks who use cell as primary line.

The savings is astronomical! Quality of service is perfectly fine. Meanwhile back at the ATT zoo, more billing issues although I owe ZERO on phone lines which are closed, as verified 4 times: zero, zilch, nada neit! Alas, be KIND to the PEOPLE who try to help it's not their fault. Even one employee was good enough to say he has billing issues & knew exactly what I was saying! Kudos for him for being forthright. Hello Savings & darn good service & bye-bye AT&T problems. Folks, seek alternatives to your services & save money! I quit Direct TV, bought a Roku & use Netflix saving hundreds a year... hundreds! Save your hard earned money, downsize, try it. I am happier & thanks to for this avenue of expression! Be smart, save your MONEY. Mimi Happy!

Original review posted by user Jun 02, 2013

A customer of Bell/ATT my 57 yr life & the uverse billing debacle is going very badly. Switched from regular landline to uverse (prices shot up to cause uverse switch & to impress shareholders?). ATT UVerse ain't yo momma's old ATT. Billing issues every month, on the phone one day from 11-1:30, transferred 8 times, & countless more hours since. This month was charged $8 for each CallTrace (no more caller id service) on uverse landline even though it's part of my package. Charge was removed by employee who heard when I asked for the price menu for such charges on ATT's site & extra amount was taken off, but not the associated taxes, fees, etc, so I had her remove that too & amount due became $1 below my last bill. She could only find price menu on her work site & not available to customers, so was sent to web support, & they couldn't help, so was sent to consumer dept which was closed. Nowhere can I find what the price menu for using an already paid for service.

Prior to this was over charging for things I didn't know I had, like long distance to Canada, tho I don't call Canada, so after several transfers finally got to someone who told me the truth & removed it. Prior to this was an extremely high bill which I had reduced to the amount ATT had on my original intro package mail.

Meanwhile I've had several bill credits for ATT's wrong doing. One big one was that ATT lost my business number after I did everything ATT said to do for the uverse switch. Employees were excellent in trying to retrieve my number but it was lost in the abyss forever.

Every employee has tried to do their best for me, (though some aren't capable of doing so), but with persistence & a lot of phone time I'm making headway. The employees want & need to make us happy & I don't blame them. It's ATT who has messed this up so ridiculously & employees have to stamp out our fires. Be nice to them, it's not their fault.

Now I'm DOWNSIZING my ATT with Ooma & Consumer Cellular. I will not spend my life defending my ATT account. ATT has gotten too big for its boots. WATCH OUT! ALERT! Check your bills! ATT is cheating us every month, possibly by $$ bazllions. Time for me to move on since spending my $$$ w ATT my whole life to now be cheated in what seems bait & switch act. The employees need & want their jobs so give them a break, it's not their true fault, but ATT's massive faux pas.

Hopefully their shareholders will find this site. Thank you! Thanks y'all for reading this! Mimi

Monetary Loss: $999.

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AT&T today is even worst than before the breakup. What good is customer support when they themselves don't know what the heck is going on and the company keeps on screwing up.

Because of their constant pestering me to switch to Uverse, I am in the process of looking for other companies for ISP and phone service. It is only a matter of days and AT&T has already lost my business of over 47 years because they are just too incompetent or apathetic. What does it tell you about a company that needs to keep an internal no-call list so people are not pestered by Uverse marketers?

A no-call list that doesn't work? A company that does not care because they don't have to.

John N

Thanks for the info re: AT&T Uverse. They keep pestering me with flyers, letters, etc.

but so far I have resisted. I will continue to do so after reading of your experience.

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