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My AT&T landline in North Bay Village, Florida 331414121 was dead (no dial tone) in early morning of Thursday, 7/3/14.  I am 72 and have no other phone but I do have access to internet via Atlantic Broadband.  I immediately went to the AT&T website and reported the lack of service.  The website gave me the estimated “restoral" time of 10 PM on Friday, 7/4/14.  That deadline passed and I still had no service. On Saturday, 7/5/14 I followed prompts on the AT&T website and got the following message:

"We were unable to meet our previously scheduled service appointment time for xxx-xxx-xxxx. In the event of a missed appointment, you will be given the next available appointment time if no update is made.”

The above message made no sense, as no appointment was ever made.  The AT&T website gives me the same message as of this moment.

In desperation and having no phone I accessed the AT&T website chat and was told it handles only U-verse and the chat for land lines can handle only payments and new installations, nothing else.  I asked the AT&T chat person to have someone from AT&T email me with information what is happening with my line and when I will have service.  I was told that was not possible.  I reluctantly gave my neighbor’s phone number and asked for it to be given to someone at AT&T who could call back with information making sense.  The chat person promised to do that.  Until today no one from AT&T called.

Exasperated I called from my neighbor’s phone AT&T at 877-737-2478.  I was told that an AT&T cable was cut but I should have service by Sunday, 7/6/14 by 10PM.  There was no service on Monday, 7/7/14 and I called 877-737-2478 again.  I was told the repair is still ongoing but I should have service by Thursday, 7/10/PM.  I called 877-737-2478  this morning and was told the cable got wet and has to dry out, which make take 2 weeks. I have still no service.

I get visits from concerned family members who calling me for days get only a busy signal.  One would expect AT&T to have calls to my number answered by a recording that the number is out of service due to damage to the line.

I understand that damage can occur but 8 days for a repair or drying out seems excessive in the 21st century.  What really bothers me is poor customer service from AT&T. It shows a complete indifference to customers’ concerns - too big to care and still wants to grow into a bigger monster by merging with Direct TV!

As Murphy’s law will have it during this service outage I found myself in a personal situation which requires making many urgent phone calls.

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Taylor, Michigan, United States #841257

Check the box on the outside of the house if you have one. A busy signal can be caused by a short and those typically come from inside the house though not always. The reps are giving you a line of *** with the "drying out" bit.

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