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I had ordered 3 new iphones through at&t uverse to my existing home line, and had asked the telemarketer if I was able to transfer my existing cell phone numbers to these phones from my mothers bill and she said yes. So I recieve these phones after I have been charged for the phones and delivery to find out this is not possible after speaking to several people at your telemarketer locations.

I was then told to take them back to a at&t store and they will take them, well I did go to the store in south county mo and had one of the rudiest sales man darha tell me its going to be 35.00 a phone that I need to pay him right then, and that they just throw them away because they dont reuse them. So at that point I walked out the store very upset again and called another person who was atleast trying to be helpful and had resubmitted the new iphones under my mom's contract and fixed my billl I thought. 2 days later I only recieve one iphone, ok really what the heck is the problem, I get another person who doesnt understand what is happening and gets this problem fixed , what I had thought.

So I activate this new iphone and today a gentlemen say well I will fix this bill to fit your families best needs, to find out he didnt do anything either. I would hope for how big your company is you would care about your customers and they wouldnt have to speak to many people who still never fix the problem.

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He gets 21 millions dollars a year and AT&T still SUCKS. Horrible customer service – wait!

Beyond horrible – We have been customers with 4 phones and an awful MIFI device for YEARS!!!!!!!!Ordered a phone on 7/17/13 (upgrade), order confirmed, then cancelled, then 3.5 hours later (phone support and finally a trip to the AT&T store). No explanation as to WHY order was cancelled. Wait…. lame excuse was “we think your credit card is being used fraudulently” Really?

Who are you people and why on Earth would you think that by pre-ordering a phone that we were using the wrong credit card!!!!!! You ended up putting phone on our LAW FIRM PA CARD anyway once we came into the store – We were not adding any lines, not changing anything but replacing a phone – Randall Stephenson should have to try being a normal person trying to get assistance. Oh and BTW, if you try calling a brick and mortar store for follow-up you cannot speak to a human. I tried for nearly 2.5 hours to call the local Daytona Beach AT&T in ISB and NEVER got to speak with a person.

If we ran our business like this we would be on public assistance. Why would you NOT STAFF correctly? Randall do you really need more $$. CAN NOT WAIT TO MOVE TO HAWAII AND SWITCH TO VERIZON!

Also, as I rant – the MIFI device SUCKS and good God why would you not offer a better plan? Please fire everyone and hire all of folks that have BITCHED and COMPLAINED – we would make you more $$ Randy –

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