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I generally try to be evenhanded and fair but every so often something happens to irritate even the best of us. It all began three years ago when I moved into a quaint little farm house out in the country, it was like heaven really, the birds, bees, trees everywhere quite a wonderful setting really but there were a few problems that came along with it. Aside from the general adventures that go along with living in the country one thing that I needed because I couldn't get any cell coverage where I am at was a telephone line and some type of high speed internet. The fella that lived here right before I did had problems with his phone and the torch of misery was passed on to me.

It all began when the service was first turned on. I repeatedly would get static on the line or sometimes noise so bad that you could not hear the person on the other end of the line or the call would drop and I couldn't get a dial tone. The house is over 100 years old and for the first three months it was like living 100 years in the past because people couldn't call in, I couldn't call out and you really were totally alone. It would have been great if I were a hermit but then I would not be writing this review.

Finally after 10 calls and 7 visits and three months later they were able to get the phone line to work. The one tech, a chain smoker who was a rather unhappy man about went into a choking fit when I asked about the prospect of getting high speed internet of some sort. I guess he had a dislike for the letters DSL, maybe I didn't arrange the letters correctly for him, I'll never know really. After some hemming and hawing he finally told me in so many words that AT&T would never provide any type of high speed out here and that potentially at some point in the future they may even drop landline coverage all together in rural areas when they are not mandated to provide the service by the state. With that he lit another cigarette, fired up his white AT&T-mobile with the logo glistening in the sun and drove off.

In the last month I began having the exact same problems with the phone again. I have since also discovered that I am the absolute last house on the AT&T telephone exchange in my area. My neighbor across the road from me who is on a different exchange has TDS and is able to get high speed internet as well as telephone through them. Yet I, the lowly AT&T peon customer am stuck in 1930 paying $40+ dollars a month for local only calling with no DSL, High Speed Internet, Smoke Signals or Carrier Pigeon. I figure I at least deserve the pigeon since they cannot provide me anything else. The argument that they made was that it would be too cost prohibitive - forget that there has been a phone here with them and all of the former "Bell" companies since telephone first became available in my area 75 years ago.

TDS has attempted to take me on however AT&T has refused to allow me to make the move because I am in "their territory" marking me like a dog marks its territory. Hmm, I could use a dog out here, maybe they could provide that... I digress. At any rate, I have got static on the line again, I'll call. They'll come out say its the wiring in the house, try and charge me $75 dollars for making a visit. I'll unhook the wires, plug a telephone in the test port on the box outside, the tech will scratch his head and I'll go through it all again. Meanwhile, my neighbor will enjoy the pleasures of modern civilization while I'll grunt rub two stones together and invent fire like a caveman and shell out too much for too little and wonder what technology is like 700 feet beyond...

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HI POET,DO not feel bad about CRUMMY SERVICE-NO DSL-STATIC ON LINE.I reside in the CITY LIMIT'S and I have the same problem's with my service.REQUESTED DSL DIAL UP FOR $19.95 RIGHT.WHY?AM i being charged for DSL HIGH SPEED INTERNET that i did not request for $25.00.I was told that AT&T DOES not carry DSL DIAL UP ANY MORE FOR $19.95.I can SEE why.DSL HIGH SPEED INTERNET IS NO FASTER THAN THE DSL DIAL UP.Once i went to the store and Came back DSL STILL NOT SET UP.WTF.I suppose a lot of other customer's found this out also and This is why?AT&T no longer carry's the DSL FOR $19.95 BECAUSE THEY WAS NOT MAKING ENOUGH MONEY WITH THE DSL HIGH SPEED INTERNET SO to make more money they decided to end the $19.95 and Switch everyone to DSL HIGH SPEED INTERNET for $25.00.This is a total rip off.How can AT&T GIVE ME SOMETHING THAT I DID NOT REQUEST.I am not going to take this lightly so if you could please send me information to TDS.I even tryed to switch to VERIZON TELEPHONE AND INTERNET SERVICE.As you might know i am in AT&T ZONE.COULD NOT PROVIDE SERVICE.WTF.I have had enough of AT&T.YOU CAN E-MAIL ME AT lindahollins682@yahoo.com Hopefully the DSL WILL SET UP AGAIN AFTER I CLOSE IT.WILL WAIT FOR REPLY.


Hi The Poet,

I'm truly sorry for the problems you're having with your landline. I'd like to assist you with your issue. Please email me your account and contact information to ATTTammyH@att.com my hours are 8a-5p PST Mon-Fri,include your handle name in the subject line.



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