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Andrew Geisse

Senior Executive Vice President, AT&T Business and Home Solutions

208 South Akard Street

Dallas, TX 75202

Dear Mr. Geisse:

I have heard you are the type of executive that can make positive changes at AT&T, for the benefit of both AT&T and your customers. I have been an AT&T Uverse (Internet & TV) customer for more than three years and have a few issues with your services. Let me give you the history of the issues I am having your AT&T services.

Sometime in 2011, my DVR box quit working. AT&T sent out a field technician to replace the DVR box. Great service and I was a happy Uverse customer. In February 2012, the new DVR box quit working. This time your tech support opted to send me a new DVR box via UPS. Not a problem for me, because I would get the box about a day sooner than a field technician could get to my house and I am sure it was cheaper for AT&T. It sounded like a win-win for me and AT&T, but it wasn't! In hindsight and if I knew then, what I know now, I would have forced AT&T to send a field technician out to my home to replace the DVR box.

In March 2012, I was billed for the unreturned broken DVR box. I called AT&T customer care and was told it was my responsibility to take your broken DVR box to UPS (a 20 mile round trip for me) for return. I got a bit upset and decided to cancel one of my receivers (which I did return to AT&T.) I was sent an empty box with a UPS label. The UPS box was the wrong size and the paperwork in the box was for the receiver that I had cancelled. While I have never received a UPS box for the broken DVR box, the instructions clearly state:

"Call UPS at 1-800-PICK-UPS (1-800-742-5877) to arrange for package pickup from your residence if you are unable to deliver the package to a UPS drop-off location. The cost of this pickup service is the responsibility of the customer."

Why would I have to pay for pickup service for UPS for your broken DVR box? Why doesn't AT&T send someone to pick up your broken DVR box at no cost to the customer? The answer that I keep getting from your customer care representatives is that it is AT&T's policy. The problem is not with your customer service, as much as it is with the policies that they are bound to convey to the customer. Who has the power within AT&T to change your customer unfriendly policy? The answer is you!

I had an AT&T field technician come to my house a few days ago to fix an unrelated problem. He did fix the problems and did a great job! However, when I asked him to take the broken DVR box with him, he told me that he couldn't do that because it would cause inventory problems for his unit and it is against AT&T policy for him to pick up AT&T broken equipment, unless he personally replaced that equipment.

On a different note, why is it so cumbersome to get through the various departments within AT&T customer service? Every time I was bounced from one department to another (accounts receivable to billing to tech support,) I had to give my name, account number, and 4 digit passcode. Why can't that information, while I am passed on to the next department, also be passed on to save me time, as well as, the time that your representatives are spending looking up information that AT&T should already have available? It sounds like a technical problem that really good technical telecommunications company should be able solve for you. My apologies for sounding sarcastic, but…

On a positive note, almost every one of your customer care representatives was polite, empathetic, caring, and did everything they could possibly do for me within their guidelines and AT&T's policies. First level support is a very difficult job and almost all of them are very good at their jobs!

Please contact me to resolve this issue. My AT&T account number is XXXXXXXXXXXXXX and my cell phone is (XXX)XXX-XXXX.


P.S. I will be sending the above letter to Mr. Geisse by snailmail next week. I posted the letter at AT&T forums and in their policy as you can see is to remove Mr. Geisses name and their own corporate headquarters address.


However, AT&T's own website provides both pieces of information publically:



Questioning any action a moderator takes on this forum is also a violation of their rules:

Per the guidelines: "... d) discussing participant bans or other Moderator actions. ..."

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Technical Support.

Monetary Loss: $165.

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36 consecutive days of calling at&t to resolve issues. Never resolved. Went t Staighttalk and have never been happier with service and price.


We had Internet service, moved, AT&T couldn't provide service at the new home. Contacted AT&T , I was told "no problem, received a refund, then started receiving bills.

Contacted AT&T straightened it out, over,and over, and over. A year and a half later, I am still trying to sort this out. Being bounced around from dept. to dept..

More often than not, communication is difficult (outsource much) . It was reported to collections, contacted AT&T , my credit has been damaged. AT&T has proven itself to be the most inefficient company I have ever dealt with.

Their actions have to be financially beneficial , how else could you explain it. I am trying to inform anyone considering using AT&T , it is not only unwise, it is damaging.


I will now state that writing a letter and mailing it via snailmail to AT&T’s Senior Executive Vice-President will produce results, as long as the customer is not in clear violation of the Terms of Service (TOS.) I mailed the letter last week and talked to a representative from the office of the Vice-President for AT&T yesterday.

I just told him the facts. AT&T replaced their third defective DVR, since I have had Uverse by sending me a replacement via UPS. Then, AT&T expected me to drive a 20 mile round trip to drop the defective DVR at a UPS store or pay for the UPS pickup fee, which is only $5. I have already been inconvenienced, so why would AT&T want to inconvenience me more and at my cost?

About two weeks ago, an AT&T field tech came to my house to replace some outside equipment and replace my defective modem. He took the defective modem with him but refused to take the defective DVR because it would mess up their inventory and that I needed to take it to UPS. Why couldn’t the field tech have taken the defective DVR with him and shipped it wherever it needs to go?

The representative agreed with every point I made. I offered to pack the defective DVR, if AT&T would send me a UPS box and pay for the pickup charge. He preferred to have the field tech team solve the problem, since they should have picked up the DVR in the first place. He also agreed that, in the case of defective equipment, AT&T should be paying the UPS pickup costs.

Today, I got a call from the field tech manager who wanted to send a tech to my house at 2PM to pick up the equipment. Right at 2PM (no 3 hour window,) the field tech was at my door and picked up AT&T’s defective DVR.

This issue is now resolved to my satisfaction. Sometimes it does take a letter to a Senior Executive to get a large corporation to listen to a valid customer issue and I would encourage others to do the same.



I apologize if you have already reached out, however, I do know show that I have received an e-mail from you at this time. Please send me an e-mail to ATTAnthonyG@att.com and CC ATTCustomercare@att.com with "Rhoskins1976" in the subject line in order to ensure I get your response. I would like to look into this matter as soon as possible in order to assist in finding resolution on the matter for you. I am in the office Monday - Friday 10am - 7pm CST and look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time and the opportunity to help.

Anthony AT&T Social Media Manager


Hi Ron, I am a Social Media Manager with AT&T and want to ensure we get this matter looked into as soon as possible. Please send me an e-mail to ATTAnthonyG@att.com (include Rhoskins1976 within the subject line) with a good contact number and account information so that we can assist.

We will definitely be following up on this for you. I am in the office Monday - Friday 10am - 7pm CST. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you. Anthony AT&T Social Media Manager


I got the ad in the mail ,$25. a month for 12 mo.three months later, I still have not gotten this and I'm told I must pay $48.

Many calls many lies later. I,v had it. No one knows a # to the complant department or address.ect.I'm a new customer, this time if it not fixed I'll just take the phone and all and go.

Nice way to treat a new customer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cry


I got the in the mail the $25. a month for 12 mo.three months later I still have not gotten this and I'm told I must pay $48.

Many calls many lies later I had it. No one knows a # to the complant department or address.ect. New custermer, this time if it not fixed I'll just take phone and all and go.

Nice way to treat a new custermer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cry

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