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So, it turns out that when I used the old form of payment to pay my bill the week before. That it was an old card my step mom had and it has since been cancelled.

So ATT claims they they we were trying to defraud them and charged us all these ridiculous fees! On top of that ATT and this *** Navigator App on there phone, don't dare open it because it charges you for the service monthly after that. Apparently that in combination with our bill ended up being nearly 1,000!

After A LOT of *** a lot of the charges were removed, but they almost refused to turn our phone service back on because we tried to pay with a cancelled card that none of us realized was the old card. I personally think that should be ATT's fault for reinstating a phone service for an entire week before noticing the form of payment they accepted was no good.

Original review posted by user May 24, 2013

About a week ago ATT disconnected my service due to failure to pay on time. I pay immediately, using the pay with the last option feature.

This week, my phone gets shut off again. Now when calling 611 to find out why it once again tells me the payment is past due again, only now the bill has magically doubled since I'd paid it last week. Here's the catch, the bill is under my parents names since we share a plan. Since I found out it's doubled, it concerns me.

I stay on the line to speak with someone. The person asks me for a social security number, of course I don't know the social security number. They refused to even LOOK at this bill without a social security number. I'm almost positive the bill is simply a mistake but they wont even tell me the amount of the bill which is dumb considering the phone already auto tells me what it is.

I dont want any personal information, I'm not changing anything on the account the service is already cancelled its not like there's really much I could possibly do here to breach security by wanting to know why the bills doubled in one week.

I even requested a supervisor and suggested calling the primary phone to verify but they refused to do anything without a social security number, they claim its for security but just last week i was able to pick up my phone and pay the bill using the last form of payment which was my step moms card on file, there was no questions or hesitation and the automated voice handled the transaction, but now when i want a question answer and no transaction I get nothing. ATT you have *** customer service!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Phone Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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So you dont pay your bill on time or with a valid credit card, then complain because customer care wont open up the account thats not in your name and go over the bill with you? They only ask for the last 4 of the social, and unless your a new customer with no billing history your services dont get interupted unless your WAY over due. And a restoral fee is $40 and taxes


Firstly, I'm on a family plan so my family pays the bill and I pay them back for it, so don't act like I'm sitting here not paying by bill. Also it wasn't as if we had no intention of paying, I don't know about you but I'm from Alaska, so when the primary owner of the account is say a commercial fisherman who's out fishing for most of the summer, then it's difficult to reach them to pay the bill or get a social security number.

I'm complaining because when I noticed my bill was not paid and attempted to pay with a card on file ATT did not tell me no this card was not valid but accepted the form of payment, RECONNECTED my phone service and allowed me to continue using it for nearly a week before THEN telling me my form of payment did not work THEN charging me out fees for a mistake that I feel they took part in.

They have all this security protecting the account but yet i can pick up my cell phone and press one button to pay with my step moms card. Great Service.


Similar thing happened to me. I paid my bill then magically find out it doubled after I get a "past due" notice a few days later.

I look all over the website and couldnt figure out why my bill was so high. I talked to customer service and they said something about it being a past due fee. ***.

I threatened switching to Verizon and they immediately took the fee off. What a joke.

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