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AT&T products are great BUT their customer service, promises and billing are truly one screwed up mess!!!! Since December, 2012, my issues with AT&T have been an ongoing MONTHLY battle. Actually, my issues with them go way beyond that date but the most recent 6 months have been a living monthly NIGHTMARE!!!!!! And today, was the worst!!!! My early cancellation suddenly went from $84.00 on 4/30/13 to (2) separate hidden early cancellation fees (for 1 account) totaling $192.00 on 5/16/13. I’m willing to pay the $84.00 I agreed to on 4/30/13 but beyond that, my *** will go to court, Attorney General, BBB, Congressmen, and TV stations!!!!

Yesterday, I returned my AT&T equipment to a UPS store for shipment back to AT&T. The clerk had just completed an AT&T return 3 minutes prior to mine, and that customer had the same complaints I had about AT&T. That store alone, has an average of 4,000 AT&T returns per year! The clerk then began to tell me her personal story. Her father was an AT&T customer for 20 yrs. Needless to say, I left there and went to my bank to block any AT&T withdrawals from my bank account.

I was an AT&T cell phone subscriber for 10 years. 3 yrs. ago, I had a fairly new phone and the battery died. I went to an AT&T store to buy a new battery. They said they had discontinued that model and I would have to buy a new phone (upgrade). They had a maroon phone on the shelf for 49.99. I said I would take that. They informed me that the 49.99 price was only for NEW customers with a 2 yr. contract. It didn’t matter to them that I had been a loyal customer for 10 yrs. MY price for the phone was 249.99. The RAGE in me was indescribable. I set my dead phone down on the counter, told the store rep. to cancel my AT&T Cell Phone Services after 10 yrs. and that I would be going across the street to WalMart to purchase my phone services. I’ve been with Straight Talk ever since and very happy with my service and I will NEVER go back to AT&T for my cell phone service.

I bought my place in Oct. 2009. Shortly there after, I ordered internet service ONLY through AT&T. They e-mailed me my account number and the monthly cost for the service. For approximately 9-10 months, I never received a bill. Thankfully, I did put the money back each month for the quoted amount. Then one day, my service was shut off for Non-Payment. When I called, they could not find my account and could not confirm I was even an AT&T customer. I spent 2-3 hours on the phone (while at work and my boss, Linda Manderson, sitting there with me) trying to find out who I was and my account info. They told me to make my payment that day and my service would be restored. I refused to make a payment without the bill. Someone found me to turn my services off, so why can’t they find my account now to make my payment?????? I told them, I will pay what I owe when I have a bill to tie the payment to. Until I had a bill, no payment would be made. Come to find out, the e-mail they sent to me confirming my new service account number was for someone else’s account. IF I had made any payments, those payments would have been applied to someone else’s account. I cancelled AT&T internet services.

Still hating AT&T service and billing practices but liking AT&T products, I thought I would try and give them one more chance. I signed up with AT&T U-verse TV & Internet. My bill was $88.00 for months. I was happy, bills were in my budget, consistent and I was thrilled with my service. THEN DECEMBER 2012 came. OMG! January’s bill came around. It had jumped out of my reach. I called shortly after New Years to reduce or cancel some services to stay within my budget. The man I spoke with said, “we have a special deal going on” if we upgrade you from U200 to U300, include all movie packages for 12 months AND include the internet you can get this bundle for 97.00 for 12 months. WHAT WAS THE QUESTION? When February’s bill came, it was $139.06. BY FAR, NOT WHAT WE WERE QUOTED. I called them again. On Feb. 18, 2013, AT&T rep. Tonya from Cleveland, informed me that the deal I was given the previous month was not authorized for that amount. She informed me the guy ‘did not include internet services’ on the quote. I know better, he did in fact quote the U-Verse and Internet products for $97.00, but I had no proof. However, Tonya said in order for me to stay within in my budget of $100.00 or less, I would need to downgrade back to U-200, eliminate my line/equipment protection plan (if any equipment malfunctioned, we would be responsible to replace) and she would throw in my TV Receiver for FREE for 12 months. What choice did I have? I MUST STAY WITHIN MY BUDGET! Again, the following month, my bill again was much higher than we agreed on. Again, I called them. Come to find out, my Internet services were now NOT bundled with the TV U-Verse package and my internet services went from 25.00 to 48.00 (without notice). She agreed to cut my TV service costs down (CREDIT MY ACCOUNT) to counter balance the internet increase AND my bill should be 97.00 next month. (NOTE*** I’ve since learned if they credit your account, even if it means they initially billed you unfairly, you are automatically in a 2 yr. agreement with them. AND THEY DO NOT TELL YOU THIS!!!!! ) The next month my on-line bill stated it was a partial bill of $90.00. SO, I called again. Lynette from Arizona, assured me, it was not a partial bill. It was a full month’s bill for the services of U-Verse and Internet. I believed her, paid the bill and again anticipated the next bill. The next bill rolled around and it was $110.00. (5 dollar late fee, my fault) but they could not explain the additional $15.00 charges.

On 4/30/13 I called to cancel all of my AT&T services. They informed me I would have a $135.00 early cancellation fee. This had never been discussed before, I NEVER signed any contract with them but apparently, unbenounced to me, if they apply ANY credit to your account, that automatically locks you into a 2 yr. contract and they DO NOT tell you this. And my previous MONTHLY complaints of unfair billing, they applied credits to my account to keep me as a customer and within my budget, so, I was automatically put into a 2 yr. contract.??? How legal is this??? After discovering I would be responsible for $135.00 early cancellation, never before discussed, I told them I will not pay that. I would be contacting the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General with complaints. She put me on hold. Then Tiffany, the floor manager got on the phone. Tiffany and I discussed my previous 5-6 months of billing issues. SHE ASSURED ME THESE ARE THE TERMS AND MY BILL WOULD BE 97.00 PER MONTH. I asked for assurance of 97.00 per month, That is what I have budgeted for and I had been promised that amount since December and had not yet received a bill for that amount. I asked her if she would swear to God that this will be my monthly bill of 97.00 for the services I agreed to. She said my bill would not be 97.00 but instead 90.00 + Tax. She stated she would not swear to God, but she would send me an e-mail detailing our conversation agreement of services with the prices tied to those services. I asked her to speak slowly as I was also writing every single thing she said down. I still wanted an e-mail for conformation but I wanted to write down what she said. Here is what her words were:

I would receive one RECEIVER FREE for 12 months. $7.00 off 12 months till April 30, 2014. (Keep in mind, I was promised a Free receiver for 12 months from Tonya of Cleveland, February 18, 2013, I still don’t know when or why that went away?).

If I cancel prior to the 12 months, there would be an $84.00 early cancellation fee. I asked her, ‘is $84.00 the total early cancellation fee?’ She assured me, there were no other charges besides the $84.00 if I cancelled prior to 4/30/14. She even went on to say, if I cancel 6 months later, I would only owe $48.00 for early cancellation, based upon $7.00 per month from the $84.00. I would receive High speed internet elite 6.0 MBPS for $36.00 with $10.00 off per month till February 18, 2014. I would receive U200 on 2 TV’s with 1 DVR at $74.00 - $26.00 discount till February 18, 2014. I would also receive $6.00 per month on billing for internet equipment, she said is a standard charge on all accounts. I awaited the e-mail detailing my services with prices. The e-mail I received from her was BOGUS!!!!! It was a generic AT&T e-mail, with a link to click on my AT&T account. It took me to the very same place I have visited OFTEN with no description of my services nor the prices we agreed upon. I called on 5/2/13, spoke with Charmain of Cleveland, an AT&T Retention Rep. to confirm my next bill would be $90.00 + tax. She assured me my bill would be just that but could not explain why I did not receive the detailed E-Mail from Tiffany that I was promised.

So now, I’ve made my home an AT&T forever free home. I’ve returned their equipment and awaiting the final EARLY CANCELLATION BILLS.

If you are considering AT&T, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do your homework PRIOR to accepting their services. They will promise you what you want and then do what they want at your expense.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Cell Phone Upgrade.

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AT&T policy / modus operandi seems to be "wear the customer down by keeping them on hold for long periods, defer all questions to lower priority, behind offering additional services (& charges), confuse the customer with an ever-changing, never-ending stream of short-lived promotions and be sure that they expire before AT&T can complete the changes, upgrades, etc." ...



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