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I can not believe the awful experience that I have had with at&t Customer care/ Customer service honestly at&t has the worst of any company that I have ever dealt with.

No one can / or will resolve my problem of at&t billing twice in one month for the same charges which they admit to doing said they were going to refund me, then ask me for the same info over and over. I sent them a bank statement –which had personal info on it one agent conf.they had it another called later that day asking for it – my personal bank statement with full routing and account numbers which they asked for in order to refund my money faster is lost / stolen by an at&t employee – I fear I will now have to close an account that I have had for over a decade because I don’t know who has the info or what they are going to do with it. How can At&t allow personal info to fall info the wrong hands.

i was endlessy put on hold by their back office team

when I used the online chat each time the rep had something different to say no one could or would help still no refund. mistakes happen I get that but att allowed my personal banking info to be (at the very least) lost by their office staff I just am so upset that they dont treat personal info of their customers with more care i am beside myself with worry - they also have my sS# from when i opened the account i now feal that is not safe either

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $260.

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att just double charged my account and wont refund me they keep transferring me to every department then tell me the same thing im so frusturated.

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