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Re: At&t continues to make unauthorized charges to credit card after several request to cease. Then promises refund but then does not pay. Only offers credit to closed account then zeros it out.

At&t made fraudulent charges on my credit card, promised to refund money but wont actually pay up. I had no contract with At&t regarding this pay as you go phone. When I purchased it, I spoke to Marci the sales girl and was told I would be charged for its usage. Since the phone was for my 9 year old daughter in case of an emergency, I was nervous and wanted to be sure that it would work, so I asked her to upload it with $10.00. She said this was unnecessary but agreed to charge my card and apply $10 upfront to it. As, it turned out, At&t continued to charge my credit card and add a sales tax onto the charges each month. They lumped these charges in with our other cell phone charges we had, making it difficult to detect these fraudulent charges. They were not authorized to make any charges to my card for this phone. It was a pay as you go phone purchased and never used. Further, I never received a bill from At&t. They just had access to my credit card number and kept charging it.

When I realized that my account was being charged, I contacted At&t immediately. I told them about the error and requested they stop. I explained we had no agreement and that it was only supposed to be a one time upfront charge per my request. They said they would correct it. I believed them and thought they had because I was searching for a $10.00 charge on my credit card statement but never found it. So, I figured they had stopped. But they hadn't. They just would charge the card differently each month apparently as one rep said they added for taxes. Sometimes it was, 11.25 or 11.22 or 11.14 and so on. I thought these charges were for our other accounts. Until I realized they were still fraudulently charging my credit card. I was so upset.

I had to make several request for At&t to stop fraudulently charging my credit card. I requested several times that the account be closed and a refund of the money they took. I was told I would be given a partial refund. If I wanted more, I had to go into the store and make the request. I did. When I went into the store I was told I needed to call customer service. I did while in the store. I again requested they cease and desist charging my card and to issue me a full refund. I was getting very upset that I had made several attempts and they were not honoring it. This was not a phone under contract. They needed to close the account. The customer service rep said he would give me a credit he placed me on hold for a long time and then came back on and told me he had changed his mind about sending me a refund and hung up. I was so upset. I left the store in tears. So much time had been taken to resolve this and still no resolution. I felt helpless. My focus needed to be on my special needs child who had been hospitalized and not on a $400.00 refund. At least they would stop the false charges--or so I thought. But once again, I noted they were still charging my account so on each month, even though the phone was never used, there was no contract and I had requested they close the account and desist all charges.

Even though At &t noted that that the phone was never used and that they were still charging me and that I had made several request for them to desist, they made it very difficult to get a refund and they continued to charge my card. After i threatened a lawsuit, on 12/12, Benjamin from At&t promised they would stop charging my card and told me they would give me a refund if I agreed to settle for a partial refund. I was upset but agreed. I was worn down and wanted it over. I requested that they credit my credit card but I was told I would receive a check in the mail. Instead I received my first statement. It showed that they had again charged my credit card on 1/13 and given "courtesy credit" of $314.19 (a fraction of what they owed me) and posted it to the closed account. I contacted At& and was again rerouted, and told that they would research it. Was given a call but no info, no resolution and no way to call the individual back. I called again.

I spoke to Joseph Matigasic (who was the first decent person I have spoken to from At&t) He told me he could see in the notes that a check would be mailed on 1/6/13 for $314.19. He opened case # 64149316. I asked him is there was an email or address that I could write a letter of complaint. He said of course. I asked him to help me find the address because I could not find one on the website and the only way for a customer to get any help is via the phone. I explained that have been trying to settle this for years and the only avenue for me is a customer service phone rep. I am only at the mercy of the other person on the phone. He searched for an address or an email and was surprised that he could not find one. It kept redirecting him to the 800# for customer service.

I asked him to follow up with me since I had no way of following up with him. A few days later I received an email from Att do not reply stating they had resolved the issue. You would think that that meant my refund check was coming. A few days after that Joseph followed up with me. I told him about the email and asked him what it meant. He looked in the notes and read that a back room agent had zeroed out the credit. That I would not receive a check because they had issued a credit to the closed account. I was upset.

I asked him to reopen the case for entire amount owed. He called me Saturday and left a voice mail stating that the back room could not mail credits and that they applied the credit to the account I closed so they zeroed it out and they considered the case closed.

I have made one last attempt to contact at&t regarding this issue. Today I spoke to Pamala Puls. She said, she thinks I should be reimbursed because she can see that I have attempted over the years to resolve this and back on 2/17/2010 I requested they close the account and that they stop charging my credit card and refund my money but they continued to charge my credit card up till 1/2013. She explained that she didn't have the authority or she would do it. She said she would reopen the case. Here we go again.

I am only one person and At&t is a big company. They have made it impossible for me to get my money back and to stop fraudulently charging my credit card. They had no agreement to charge my credit card and had told me they would reimburse the money several times but then they dont. I looked online today to get an email of someone from At&t who had the authority to help. I googled At&t CEO email and up came an article with the headline, "AT&T warns customer that emailing the CEO will result in a cease and desist letter" after a customer emailed,Randall Stephenson, CEO.

How is a customer to contact anyone at At&t and get a problem resolved? I am pissed! So I am taking my complaint to the virtual "streets"

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Hi ishop, I'm new to the ATT scam of charging your card after an account is closed. Your case takes it to a new level.

Could you update your situation? I'm watching to get insight on what I'm up against. I actually disputed the charges with my credit card and got the money back.

Now, I'm stuck defending my credit rating. It looks like court is in store for me.

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