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I just wanted to write about my extreme frustration and personal embarrassment at the hands of one of AT&T's retail assistant store managers.

At the 381 Madison ave, New York, NY location, I wanted to trade in a single smart phone as part of a $100 trade in promotion. Keonda Clark immediate came over to "assist" me by telling me that I could not trade it in if I wasn't using it towards a device upgrade or new purchase (and only if I was an AT&T customer). As I wanted to use the card for accessories, I complained. Keonda held her ground, so I called customer service to verify the T&C of the promotion. Turns out the customer service rep I spoke to confirmed what Keonda had told me.

And that's where the trouble began. After hearing me talk to the customer service rep, Keonda let out a loud "Hmph!", and then started laughing at me. When I became angry at her reaction, she only laughed more and then started joking with the employees behind the counter at my expense. I immediately demanded to speak to someone higher than Keonda, which did not seem to phase her one bit as she continued with her jokes. I voiced my complaints to the Retail Store Manager, Regina, who was very apologetic, but ineffective at dealing with Keonda's attitude. I then left the store furious.

If all of AT&T's managers are trained to behave like Keonda Clark, I fear for the future of AT&T's retail business.

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Far be it for me to question the authenticity of your statement, but the second part of your complaint sounds completely different from the first part and a little bit contrived. If it true though then that's definitely a mean thing to do. She should have at least waited until you had gone to make fun of the situation at your expense.

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