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I have been a customer with At&t for 2 years, last year I got an IPhone 5 and my plan was renewed. For about a year and a half I have always been a steady data user and have never gone more than 1gb over my 2gb plan.

This month I check my statement and they have charged me for 5GB of data extra! How is it possible for a person like me who doesnt do business on her phone or watch movies, and just uses it for the normal day to day surfing, to rack up 7GB of data on ONE MONTH! When I call to figure out whats going on, they proceed to tell me they can't see whats sucking up my data but they get alerts that the data is being used. They said "Maybe you FEEL like you're not using that much data but you are" NO, maybe history shows I DONT use that much data EVER and your robbing me blind!

On top of that the MANAGER gets on the phone to give me someother *** reason why there can be such a jump in data usage and then begins to joke with her coworker while I'm STILL on the line, and when I say "Hello" she says "Yes, I'm still here I'm just thinking about what the problem can be" REAL PROFESSIONAL. AT&T has THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE ever. They did NOTHING to help. When I finally pay my over due balance, I call to get my service reactivated I am told "You have been reactivated be aware that you will be charged a $40 Reactivation fee".

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! They are now charging to reactivate your service?! So not only do you want me to pay $50 extra for data that I KNOW I havent used, BUT I have to pay $40 just to get my phone reactivated? I have one more year on AT&T, if I cancel too soon I'll be hit with a $325 charge.

I CAN'T WAIT til my year is up.

AT&T is absolutely the WORST company ever, with the WORST customer service. I will no longer be on their network after my year mark.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Same issues with data constantly going up and no one can explain why. We have 6 people in our family and we are all waiting for our contract dates to expire so we can leave without the huge cancellation charge.

They are the worst! Tell me, who do you plan to use next?


ATT they do not care since you have been trapped to their network.

Report their bad practice to the government, I will support your action again ATT.

They are monopoly communication ( land phone ), therefore they are thinking we as customers have no choice but to accept them. SUCK

Find different company, great far, far away from ATT.



ATT is suck.


I had this same problem and would not let it just do dark when my granddaughter swore she did not go over the usage and every month they very nicely make me pay $10.00 for more online time that she would not have used.


THEN MANAGE YOUR DATA USAGES... Notifications are being sent - then wat do u do?

IGNORE then call ccare saying "i did not use it" o cmon?! *** You're the one using your phone not your carrier. A month of overage is acceptable but 2 or more ah-uh IMPOSSIBLE!

Maybe u shud stop using samartphone if u cant be smart enough to manage these phones. Peace!


We are having the SAME ISSUE. One of our phones is using data WHILE DATA IS TURNED OFF!

We have been with AT&T for 6 months. During the first 3 months we NEVER went over our 6GB limit. Then 3 months ago we went over 1GB. Next month 2GB.

This month we will be over 4GB. NO WAY OUR USAGE WENT UP THAT MUCH. What about next month, if it continues the trend it will be 8GB over.

So who's the ***? Maybe the poster I am replying to isn't SMART enough to see the forest for the trees or-----maybe that post came from one of those AT&T csr's (customer service rep-for the previoue poster)


My wife's plan is 200MB for 15 bucks. Now get this...

if you go over 200MB, it's $15 per extra MB. Read, MB not GB... She is at 86% usage with 2 weeks to go. Even if she ends up using 210MB, it's going to be $150 in overages...

can you believe that!?!?

150 bucks for a lousy 10megs. What a ripoff!


I have had exactly the same problem with AT&T it's known as phantom data and the company doesn't want class action suits so they deny deny deny ......happened to me just like u.....doesn't matter what u say to them......I won't go into detail here......but the data would download all at once 200 meg and in the dead of night with phone on sleep off all apps and notifications always happened twice over a 3 month period for 2 years.2 different times a year apart...absolutely no help from the nasty customer service people no matter how far up the food chain....basically I'll be dropping AT&T as soon as the newest iPhone comes out so I can get the total service with another company. Then I planto let people on the Internet know not to ever go with AT&T by going on websites etc etc....I've got the time and the will...they are really a dispectable company .


I agree with you. ATT has worst customer service.

I uses 200mb data plan. I use data only for text and email. However, one night while I sleep data uses 210mb at once.

I talk with 3 ATT agents. No one try to figure out the problem.

They said LTE can burn data sometime. Do not kidding me ATT.


Please contact me @ I am presenting a class action and am in need of understanding more surrounding the specifics of your case. My website is an ediscovery litigation site.


Sometimes the phone does not disconnect correctly from the site you are on. If it happens once you may not notice but if there is an equipment issue this can happen many times and increase your data usage ALOT.

YOu may think you downloaded 1MB and it keeps running at it could be 100MB of usage charged. Also you could have downloaded something and not know it "checks" for updates every hour and this is done behind the scene. This is as simple as making the app stop checking for updates. If it happened 1 month it is more than likely user error.

If it happens month after month the equipment should be looked at.


Thanks for the helpful comment/tip! It is a shame that when you contact AT&T their CSR's can not explain these types of issues that can cause you to increase your data usage.

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