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Terrible experience with your company from the get-go: We switched to your U-verse cable and internet service in January 2013. We spent a long time asking questions to the salesperson on the phone to make sure we knew what we were getting. The technicians that came out & installed the service were great. When the service was all connected, we didn't have some channels that were supposed to be included (i.e. Palladia) so we called to see about it. Turns out there was an extra charge and it was more money ($132 instead of the $115/mo we agreed to). We got a $50 credit to our account.

Then the internet service was much slower than our previous provider Cox. That took multiple lengthy phone calls but is finally working well now.

Then I got a call from a salesperson (who was very nice) about getting our home phone with AT&T as well (order # N282706). She said a technician would not have to come out to the house because they could just connect the phone line electronically on March 29th. When I asked if there was a price break for having all three services with you, she said no at first but after I asked again, she put me on hold and she said she could offer me a $5 discount but I'd have to call a different number to "connect" the accounts (800-505-1606). So I did. Then the gal at that number told me the $5 monthly discount had not been applied to my order (I'm glad I asked, another bait and switch?) but that she'd credit my account $5 and call back on April 20 at 5pm to see if they bill was looking ok and the service was working well.

Then I see a note on the door from a technician that said to please call and reschedule an appointment so they can connect my service. I never got a call to let me know a technician would have to come out after all so I could plan to be here. So I've called to schedule the appointment. I spent about 47 minutes on the phone on 4/2/13 only to get transferred 3 times and eventually hung up on by your automated system. This morning (4/3/13 830am) I call again to reschedule the technician. After the automated system (which never seems to send you to the right department, I've always had to be transferred) a female call rep said she'd have to transfer me to "dispatch." She transferred me to a line for employees and of course, I didn't have my AT&T employee ID so the automated system said "GOODBYE." I called the 800-288-2020 number again right away and after the automated system sent me to a person that couldn't help me. I told her the problems I'd been having getting the right person on the phone. I wish you all really did record your calls for quality assurance purposes because I would love for someone in management to listen to this call. The lady's name was Rita (I had to ask her for it, usually your reps introduce themselves). I don't know what town she was in. I told her something along the lines of "please, Rita, you gotta help me, I spent over 40 minutes on the phone yesterday and just called again and got transferred to an employee line... ." In a raised voice with tons of attitude, she cut me off saying "ma'am, ma'am, stop! I'm trying to help you!" My response was "Rita, just focus and please transfer me to the right department.” And, this is the kicker, before she put me on hold I heard her comment to someone "***, this lady is whiny!"

Now, I am a super patient person. I never call and "raise ***" about anything. It's my life's philosophy that one catches more flies with honey than with vinegar. I pride myself on being polite, calm, and friendly. So I don't believe Rita's little outburst was warranted.

Needless to say, Rita transferred me to someone that could not help me. I'm glad I got to this person though, because she heard me out and got me to the right department/person. Katrina in Dallas might be the best employee I've talked to in my entire dealings with AT&T and U-verse. The next lady I spoke to was Debbie, and she was able to efficiently make an appointment with me for Thursday, April 11th from 8-5pm. I will be here in my home patiently waiting for the technician to connect the new phone service.

In the mean time, it is crazy for a company to take almost an hour and 30 minutes over 2 days to schedule a technician appointment. Things are supposed to be more connected and simple now, with all the technology we use, but it seems like you guys are over-complicated with too many call centers, departments, and an automated system that only keeps your caller pushing buttons until a live agent can transfer them to the correct department anyway.

It makes your company look very shady when you promise one thing and change your story once we are committed to you.

Your customer service is incredibly inconsistent. I've come across some very competent and caring folks and I've come across some of the most ill-informed an rude people I've ever had on the phone.

There is no way I can in good faith recommend anyone to use AT&T. On the contrary, based on my experiences so far, I'd have to advise others to pay a little extra and get some decent customer service from one of your competitors.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Service Transfer.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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John N

Wow! Thanks for the info.

I just cancelled Charter cable and we were thinking about AT&T for internet and television. We have had our phone with them for years. I keep getting letters and booklets offering all sorts of deals if I go with them.

Now, I think I will just go with the Roku box and stream via Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu, etc.

I appreciate the time you spent outlining all the calls and experiences with AT&T "customer support." I will not go with a company with bad customer service and it would appear AT&T has none. Thanks again for the heads-up.

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