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I bought Samsung Galaxy S3 from Amazon and after a month started this vibration noise during charging but works perfectly well but after awhile sometimes charged only 30%, 20% or 0% overnight but sometimes it does 100% as well. I switched the battery to my other S3 and battery works charge well no issue at all. I googled the vibration issue and other people with same issues too.

I called-up the AT&T Warranty Replacement and sent me a new one, few weeks later I received another phone and I called and I was told that that my phone has water damage so not covered and I have to pay $529 for the replacement giving me no options of returning the replacement phone.

I was just told that to determine the water damage, the "white" dot will turn to a "red" dot, the fact that that it was not determined when or where the phone got the “red” dot, I could simply say that it was on AT&T’s possession. Basically if they asked me the presence of “white” dot or “red” dot upfront before sending my phone, that would been easy. I FEEL BEING SCAM. Giving no option of returning the replacement phone instead insisting to pay $529 full price. (phone without battery and back cover). THIS IS SCAM ! !

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Replacement.

Monetary Loss: $530.

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ATT deliberately, physically, damaged my screen, and returned my Samsung S7 Edge to me with a red arrow sticker pointing to the area where ATT had done the damage. There was absolutely no physical damages nor moisture damages to my phone when I sent it in.

The only problem was the flickering screen(lines going across the screen). They sent me a replacement. Then they returned mine after having damaged it, saying that my screen was physically damaged, therefore I will now have to pay them $709 for the replacement.

The box in which they send me the new one was was the same box with the same bubble wrap insulation inside the box which I used for sending to them my original phone. Just talked to CS, and was told that there was no damage to the box when they had received it.


Just happened to us too! We returned a non working phone that was previously checked at store no water damage, no screen damage.

Received new phone sent back non working phone in package per directions, just got phone returned to us stating they received it cracked because we didn't pack correctly, even sent me a pic of the phone and contents when they opened it at warehouse, the package wasn't packed like we sent it at all!

Say we owe 459$ for phone! What can be done?


same boat here

so pisss!!!

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