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Update by user Dec 13, 2014

Still no action by AT&T!

Original review posted by user Aug 14, 2013

Received regular postal mail today, 08/14/2013.

Letter dated: August 10, 2013.

Return address for this mailing: AT&T Autopay Program

PO Box 5093

Carol Stream, IL 60197-5093 (Quite a bit of fraud registered here!)

AT&T Account Number: xxx-xxx-xxx- (missing numbers)?

An issue has been identified in our AT&T AutoPay program records for the AT&T (bogus) account number referenced above indicating that your credit card is due to expire.

Addressed from: 2315 Northwestern Hwy, Ste200

Southfield, MI 48075-7708

Google locates this location as being in the center of the intersection of: Lahser Road / Northwestern Highway, Southfield, Michigan, United States.

Return addressed to: AT&T AUTOPAY PROGRAM

2315 Northwestern Hwy, Ste200

Southfield, MI 48075-7708

Seems this scam/fraud has resurfaced since I don't see any complaints this year.

I do not have an account with AT&T so I knew this was bogus but I did attempt to report this to AT&T who couldn't be bothered!

Since this could possibly impact a person using AT&T services by signing up for this scam I find AT&T's lack of knowledge and interest in this information incredible and the reason why I and anyone I know won't use AT&T for anything.

  • AT T ripoff
  • AT T Ignores Scam
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You should probably report it to government authorities since AT&T doesn’t investigate fraud from outside its organization. But I am so worried about your ideal and I am so happy I got to read about it. NOT


I work in the next building in Southfield MI, I have been in their office they to update my AT&T AutoPay program. They are completely legit. They took me for a tour of the location, nice people.


6 monts they're didn't find my house I prematurely signed up and canceled still receiving letters


I cancelled my account in December of 2018 because of the way that AT&T has changed my account from what it was with Direct TV when they bought them out and now they also refuse to pro-rate their service and charge you until the end of their billing cycle, ( which for my home was the 13th of the month and payment was due on the 24th of the month, and not on the 3rd as I personally had set up when I got Direct with more compound changes due on Jan. 14, 2019), with no refund yet they want to collect money for no service, and I am also looking to find a telephone/ Internet bundle that will give us free USA calls and high speed internet which they also changed after buying out my service from Century Link Telephone Company, that will serve our needs as we are both 100% disabled, and live on a low fixed income. So as I read this I too and sure that it is a scam, and I have the names of the people I spoke with in November of 2018 to cancel their services.


same thing here


Just received the same letter on August 18, 2018. Scam is back in action. Type your message here

John c

No Scam I have used for years

@John c

I think serves is very good at AT&T been on autopay for over 10 years


ATT is more upstanding than this, dont usually ignore consumer concerns

William M

Obviously you haven't dealt with AT&T for as long as I have because they couldn't care less about customers. They had an agent who signed me up for a 2 year contract without my knowledge or consent.

I expressly told him I did not want a contract of any kind yet he did it anyway. AT&T knows he was a crook trying to pad his commissions because he was fired for it.

Yet to this day (over 7 years later) they are still trying to collect an ETF for broken contract. THEY EVEN ADMIT THEIR EMPLOYEE WAS A CROOK AND WAS FIRED!!!


I received a similar letter on May 23, 2018 asking me to up date the credit card information for my Auto Pay. Everything on the letter appears to be legitimate except the referenced account number that caught my attention.

Be vigilant people.

Verify each account information listed especially if you have bundled AT&T accounts. The scam has resurfaced!

@J. Dien

Thanks for letting everyone know that AT&T continues to allow this and many other scams done in their name to continue! This an outrageous policy from a company built on greed!


Just got one. Letter looks the same as the image posted here.

But address is different (24400 Northwestern Hwy, Ste 210, Southfield, MI, 48075).

This address matches one of the complaints on AT&T's FB page.

Anyway, the letter didn't look that legit to me. But the return envelope looked very real, where I agree with another poster, the envelopes may have been stolen from AT&T.


Also, filed a complaint with USPS.


I work in the same building they are ok nice people. I have AT&T autoenroll AOK


Got the same letter.


Fidinta call em up.


I have ATT AutoPay for years it works great

John c
@Bill Carter

This make me feel better


I received the same thing! Thought it was weird that at&t would send a letter for me to update my autopay when my account have been still active and credit card is already up to date. Please be aware people!


I mailed the letter to AT&T. I can see some people providing the information. Someone is always trying to take what has been rightfully earned.

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