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Since 2005 our long distance provider has been Global Crossing (Convergia) for both local toll calls and long distance. Occasionally,AT&T would change the provider to their service or enter a 3rd party provider and be the 3rd party billing service. This usually wasn't noticed until the long distance and local toll calls became outrageously costly. The AT&T billing statements would gradually increase until BOOM - very noticeably high.

This spring it took a lot of effort to get over $200 in credits, and the mess continues! Global Crossing tried to arrange a 3 way conference call, so we could get this straightened out---AT&T changes the TCSI #, the pick code, and that knocks out Global Crossing as our long distance service provider.

It must be AT&T's business strategy to wear down the customer so that one gives up and pays. We are retired so I have the time to keep at it, but I feel sorry for those that have jobs and do not have time to go through AT&T's stalling.

The customer service procedures are a frustrating non-service oriented method. Each representative gives a different answer and/or solution that doesn't work or is so obviously lame and incorrect. The latest one was that our fax and main line wires must be crossed outside - meaning they are worn and touching. My husband is a retired engineer and said "it's impossible for the 2 line wires to rub against one another to cause a crossing of long distance charges!"

With planning to move soon from our home sale, we do not want the inconvenience of changing our Internet and land line service from AT&T to another company. I can't wait to move and cancel the service. Kicking AT&T to the curb will be a relief!

P.S. I plan to call our Senators and Congressmen in Washington, D.C. and also look into filing a complaint with the FCC. However, I read that At&T is big political donor.

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I have had about the same problem Had unlimited calling plan for long distance then all of a sudden it changed I was being charged for every call I didn't change the plan at&t did Still trying to resolve the problem Getting very angry


Do not give up in getting your credit due. Also, it is wise to save hard copies of your AT&T bills, so that you can refer to the months that show your unlimited calling plan & then the month and those thereafter that have the change. With selling our home, we are no longer AT&T residential landline customers and are now satisfied with only using our cell phones.

It is a frustrating process and your anger as a AT&T customer is valid. Insist upon speaking to a supervisor and remember to get names and contact numbers. AT&T is a HUGE company and the left foot doesn't know what the right foot is doing!

Good luck - hope you change service providers after your get a credit for those erred charged.



My name is Robert with the AT&T Social Media Team. I am very sorry to hear about your experience.

We will be more than happy to review this inquiry for you to see what we can do. If you like, feel free to e-mail your account and contact information to and we can research this for you. Please be sure to reference case number 00220708 in the e-mail subject line.

My normal hours are 830am to 530pm EST Monday through Friday. Thanks, Robert, AT&T Social Media Manager.

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