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In 2008, When At&t UVERSE first came to my door with a great deal I just couldn't refuse we cut off the expensive Comcast and started using UVERSE. Within about 6 months we started having problems with the box - stuttering, stalling, picture quality, etc,.

We called and of course we waisted at least 15 minutes trying to get to the correct dept. You know how that is?? So, after the wait we finally got to talking to a customer support person who told us we needed a new box. So, we got the New box and return the old one that was broken.

We turned on the TV and noticed that our favorite channel, Paladium Music Channel was no longer on our channel lineup... So, again,I get on the phone with AT&T.. which always takes at least 1/2 hour of your time.... anyhow, the customer support said if we wanted to get that channel back we would have to pay an additional $5.00 per month on top of what we already pay..

I said, you've got to be kidding right?? She said, NO , I am not kidding, if you want that channel you will pay the extra $5.00 dollars per month.. I said ,, oh just forget it... >:o( PISSED!!!

So, then about 1 year later we get the infamous RED X on our box,, yet again,, another Box has taken a dump. So, we called and they sent a new box out and had me send the broken one via UPS.. at this time there was no way to track the box I sent. So, I notice on my next bill they had charged me an additional $150.00 (or something to that nature) .

so, again, I take a half hour out of my schedule to call and ask what was the addtional charge for????? they said they never recieved the box and that I would have to pay for it.. I could not believe my ears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At this point, I told her I sent to box in about a month prior and she said that all the broken boxes go to a wharehouse and until they could go through the wharehouse and find my box that I would have to pay the money..

I was PISSED!!!!!!! It's not my fault you all can't find the box I sent you.. She said: get me the tracking number so she could get verification that you actually sent it. I went to the UPS Store and they told me that At&t had no type of tracking set up to track boxes that were sent in.

I called them back and said I don't have a tracking number and neither does the UPS Store.. she said: Too bad, your going to have to pay for the box.. so I said::: DISCONNECT MY SERVICE RIGHT NOW,, YOU ARE FIRED!!!! She said hold on: I was transferred to the Supervisor who said: We will let it go this time but next time get a tracking number....

I couldn't believe this company. If they weren't so cheap as opposed to other cable companies I wouldn't have anything to do with them. So, fast forward to 2013, I have now been through 6 broken boxes,,, All of them have got the BIG RED X.. the dead mark on the tv screen.

I just now got another box a month ago and it's stuttering and having issues with the picture quality. I just had the technician here yesterday and another box sent to me..I don't know if I will continue to stay with them, but when I check with Dish, Direct TV, Comcast,,,, they are all so much more expensive.. I feel stuck..Just to let future customers of UVERSE know,, Yes they are cheap, but you get what you pay for.. you will send many broken boxes back until they deside to get a new vendor to make the boxes.

Right now they use Motorola.

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Pay television is the biggest ripoff going. You pay huge fees every month AND you still have to watch zillions of commercials and put up with cheap *** programming on top of promos, animations, oversized logos, and general spam all over the bottom of your screen during the program time!

When the programming went downhill several years ago, and the spam at the bottom of the screen got even worse, I cancelled it completely and put up an outdoor antenna. The antenna, cable, mtg bracket & accessories cost about 2 months of pay television. After that it's all money in the bank.

I get 26 stations (including HD) for FREE. And an over-the-air (OTA) DVR too. Solved all the problems.

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