Upper Arlington, Ohio

My sweet husband bought two phones, charges and otter box cases for our twins as Christmas presents. Total spent in store 310$

Purchase was made on Dec 9th and of course the Christmas presents were given on 12/25.

The cases didn't fit. The "Manager" of the store said they could not be returned and upon looking closer at the receipt we saw there is indeed a 3 day return policy and a $10 restocking fee. REALLY?! Is either necessary?

This store makes money hand over fist! We bought two phones (have a total of 6 on our account!) I'm sure they aren't losing money. To top it off, the 12 yr old store "manager" suggested we try to "return" at Walmart and at least get store credit. So a clerk that works for a store that doesnt care about its customers suggested we lie, cheat and steal from a store that offers customer service!

We left in disbelief.

In this day and age, customer service doesn't exist. We told our family and our friends about our experience and everyone vowed to not shop here. We are small business owners that understand the value of customer service.

We took our kids and our business across the street to Verizon and bought our cases.

We will NEVER EVER buy anything from AT & T again. As soon as our plans are up we are switching to Verizon.

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Did you try calling customer service to see if they could help? I had the same situation one time and called customer service, explained the issue, and they sent me out two cases free of charge since I had already paid for the cases I could not use.


There is another ATT outage in Dallas TX today. Again. It happens all the time in Dallas.


Verizon is bad enough but I wouldn't touch AT&T, the lowest rated cell phone carrier. People should check it out.

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