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I am more than upset that ATT did not port in my home phone number from Comcast. I feel deceived by the sales rep and all phone reps I have talked to.

This number was for my home based business. Now no one can reach me. It was over two weeks from the time I agreed to switch to uverse to the time it was installed. They said I had to take a 'temp' number until my number could be ported.

Comcast says they never received a request in port out and ATT says Comcast would not release it.

THIS IS CRAZY!@!!!!!!! All I want is my original number back!!

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We too cannot get our number ported over from Comcast. AT&T said they had our phone number from Comcast.

But AT&T did not have our phone number. We have had this phone number for 24 years.

Comcast is refusing to release the number due to our service being canceled. AT&T says there's nothing they can do about it.


AT&T is holding my number from Comcast. I called the FCC and was told they cannot do that.

They advised to file a complaint against both companies.


I had the same problem!!!! I want my phone number back from Comcast


It is obvious to me that they lie to customers about porting. Same thing happened to me and also a neighbor.

Looking for a class action attorney. This has cost me a lot of money, time and frustration.

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