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AT&T Nightmare you won't believe

I called to have the Dsl internet installed at my office (they were the only ones in the area) the appointment was scheduled for certain day, which I waited all day at my office, finally around 5:30pm I called to see what was going on and they told me they re-schedule for the following week, no courtesy phone call nothing. I have already paid for my office rent and other utilities, so I and 6 employees couldn't work for a week. I fought for hours with them to get some kind of credit. Finally they decided to credit $250 which it was going to be reflected on my first bill. When I got my first bill….nothing, I called them and nobody knew anything about it, one of the representatives said "maybe in the next bill" but I did not want to pay my bill because I didn't want an excuse like "but you already paid your bill" and then lose the credit that I was promised to. Second bill came and nothing, called them again, nobody knows anything, they do not want to credit, there is nothing they can do but me paying the bill, third bill came and again nothing, called them again, finally someone agreed to credit for one month, so I paid my total due balance but one of the incompetent representatives forgot to do the adjustment so it still looked like I owed one month so my internet got disconnected 3 days later, when I was on vacation. So I called them again to let them know about the mistake but they said I had to pay for the reconnection fee. Again fighting for hours on the phone with 5 different people, until they realized it was there mistake so they issued the order for the reconnection, 3 weeks went by, promising I was going to have the internet back on every single day, promising call backs to let me know, I never got one of them. They always bumped me to 4 or 5 different people, who would tell me the same, yes tomorrow for sure.

Worse customer service I have ever experienced, they promise and promise and nothing, they do not care about the customers and small business, I don't understand how this company is in business, they just take advantage of people because sometimes they are the only providers in certain areas.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Internet Service.

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i wont even try to describe the nightmare we have had with at&t dsl service, billing and customer disservice dept. we cancelled the service 2 months ago and still the nightmare goes on.

They sent a refund check(dont know why) and two weeks later sent a bill for the same amt and threatened to turn over to collection. Worst experience we've ever had.


Email me if you need CEO email.



Email to CEO and complaint and also complaint to state of where you live.

I have almost the issued with them for over 3 months until today it still keep going on my case and I email to CEO and state of California try to find a lawsuits and the call me back next day and promised me will follow my statement not charge me again and credit all.


I had Bellsouth (now ATT) for 7 years. I did enjoy the service.

But when they changed to att they screwed up my billing and out of the bule canceled my account. I called them and they would restore the account but they would have to create a new account (my old email was gone) had to change email address. This may seem like not a big deal but everthing goes to that email, Bank, credit cards, cell phones ect... I was sick of them and called comcast.

They are faster and cheaper than att. They can go out of buisness as far as I care they will never get another penny of my money.

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