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I had have AT&T for a long for very long time I had RCN never had a problem.Til switch to AT&T U-Verse and than.I saw a deal that would work?But well, we know! What happened to that.I took careof a bill before the switch and came the u-Verse bill which I can say,surpise.But during the hook-up the tech was nice(frist one)then there was a problem the tech no.2 was recording me in away.He told me he watch's himself.And one was for free I didn't know til I called but after that.Forgeted!Than I was paying inbetween to catchup and I getting there.On(in) November (late) I was at a Walmart and on /Tuesday around the frist December I get a call form my bank that I been, let's my debtcard had been copyied duplicated a fraud call.they took over $300.00 dollars.And for me like other's it is hard and more for everyone else.So I called AT&T and let then know the truth and let's say that customer service ,like most of us is hard to believe.But when you(I)have the proff(sorry for the misspelled word)but was (is)the truth about what happened.So many customer service agent's and stories it was ok on one hand and take your time and so on.And I came home after I just paid as much I can because of what happened.They trun off my U-Verse internet and landline but receiving incomeing calls.I called them was mad.I told then that I should had stayed with RCN I would never would have this problem.

I went on line at starbucks to used thire internet..

went to the BBB.After I did within a few minuts there was AT&T with a email stated we can work this out!?But as we all can see there has been many! different ad's even with DirectV.All over the TV New's paper and soforth.Big on the small and big prices.Since then still having probems even with money.But here is the catch I should had more I have a cell but with AT&T a combo package deal.But have been paying my cell phone only.A few months agoI miss a payment they trun off my cell and did not know,but when I called fix the matter and to pay $40.00 to trun my phone again.I had to try the BBB again last week never heard from again.I let them all know what happened but treated like a lier but doesn't we know those who do but we know You and I DO NOT!....I should have stay with RCN maybe this would not been bad or happened...Let's sai was still am pissed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Thankyou ..

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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This current comment is mine Mary A Fogel and I did not put down another thing I just got a bankdrat notice after I paid AT&A and my rent and I cought up other bill's after my debtcard matter and when I just paid AT&T on the last of by the frist of (dec&Jan) of this month.Sorry AT&A had been telling the truth on what happened to me.

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