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My internet went down due to At&t crossing it with the neighbors who recently signed up for a Uverse account through them. It took them a month and two days to figure out the issue and to send a prim tech out here to resolve the issue after multiple sales pitches (a month a 2 days worth) trying to get me to switch to Uverse also, which I FINALLY gave in to, whatever would get them to come out here faster to fix my internet!

I was also promised TWO $100 gift cards for my inconvenience, which I never received and that they have no record of. Eventually, when the prim tech came, a month and 2 days later (Yeah, I counted!), not only did he FIX my net, but he stole my brand new digital camera that had photos from my grandmothers funeral and month long vacation in cali. At&t's response? "Well, did you SEE him take it?

Where's your proof?". ***

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Account.

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Sorry for your loss, both your grandmother and th camera. Yes, AT($)T are a bunch of money hungry thieves.

I had my home phone service for akmost 20 years at the same price and when I switched my internet service to them just recently for an agreed $25 per month, they added fees and missing monthly payments the very next month! I contacted my lawyer about the whole situation and we're smelling a lawsuit soon!


It's been 2 years since that incident but i'm still bitter. An ENTIRE month in Los Angeles with no pictures to show for.

Not to mention my grandmothers funeral. It makes me SICK. I just purchased the camera a month before it was stolen by the prim tech. I even offered to let the man KEEP the camera and just return the memory card, that's all I wanted!

I saved up for SO long to take that trip and will probably never have that opportunity again as I don't make alot of money. It's just sad :cry

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