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ATT has now decided to draft monthly pmts from out checking account at an earlier day each month. They will not refund ANY bank charges that result or relate to removing the money from your checking account at an earlier date than previously arranged by us.

HOW CAN THIS BE LEGAL ??? They say that they have given us notice that the collection of our money to pay our bills has changed (without our prior approval or authorization), so they should not be responsible for over-drafting our checking account and will not pay any bank overdraft charges. I personally do not and will not sign up for ATT autopay for this kind of reason, and the fact that ATT Nickle-dimes extra charges on my monthly bills for whatever reason they might have, most times without prior notification way too often, but to just change the date that they remove money from my checking account without a signed approval on my part has to be illegal somewhere. I have always made my monthly pmts to ATT as a standard amount that I have assigned to send from my checking account to ATT just because it seems that ATT thinks that they should be able to change the terms of my payment agreement on any whim they have.

All I want is a monthly bill that will not change and a service I can rely on....

this is a basic service that ATT seems unable to provide. This whole nickle-dime my bill upward bound whenever my provider feels like it should be illegal and criminally prosecutable violation by ATT, it is embellishment when a utility company authorized to change the amount or the time that they draft money from our checking accounts without for any reason without obtaining a prior signed agreement.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Preferred solution: Legally Prosecute ATT for modifing autopay bill collection terms or dates of monthly payment withdrawals without signed approval by the customer..

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yedNever have your bank conmected to your bank EVER!

Find out the presidents name send a letter file complaints with OCC Office of the Controller of Currancy The DFI Office Department of Financial Institutions & The State Department of Banking.

please go to this site "HELD HOSTAGE" ATT/UVERSE This actually happend!

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