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Welcome to AT&T where customer service doesn't exist. We have the right to change and/or alter your contract without your consent.

When we use the sales pitch "UNLIMITED" data, it is our way to bait you in. We will then eventually switch on you, because there is no such thing as UNLIMITED at AT&T. Additionally, notice how slow your Internet connection is at night or how you can't get a YouTube video to play smoothly without interruption or skipping. This process is called "DATA CAPPING"!

This is where, you pay for 4G/3G services but running on Edge (slower than dial-up). When you see weird charges on your bills *ahem* "taxes" *ahem* "phantom data usage", it is not our fault and there is NOTHING we can do about it. Even when caught red handed, it is never our fault. We like to blame the system.

If you receive drop calls, our TOWERS ARE DOWN (AGAIN). Our AT&T reps are paid to do nothing. Not like they would know what they're doing anyways,. Therefore, don't bother calling us|.

If you decide to call anyways, don't hate the hour long wait, the 5-10 time transfers explaining and re-explaining to different reps your reason for calling, and/or the accidental disconnections. WE DON'T CARE! We make extra from the people who are too busy to look over their bills each month;. Thank you very for NOT calling AT&T..

We hope your problems will resolve on its own,. Don't bother contacting Better Business Bureau because we paid them off,. Btw, read the fine prints on the contract that we changed without your consent!.

It is our best defense. =)

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Phone Plan.

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They deleted one of my words. I'll reword.

I heard a man say that ATT wasn't worth excrement. I disagree with him.


I heard a man say that ATT wasn't worth ***. I disagree with him.


3 years ago I dropped ATT at the end of my contract for lousy service, asked them to port my number to NEXTEL, I instructed them in advance to do it at the end of the month, Nextel called me about the last day of the month, informed me that ATT had not yet ported the #, so I called them to see what was the hold, they said that somebody dropped the ball, not to worry , it will be done immediately,4 days latter it was ported , but they billed me for an extra month, now I'm so pissed that I told them I was not paying a penny,so the next step? collection agencys gallore, I informed every one of them about their dirty deal, I had a master letter printed for everyone of them,they would stop once they'll get the letter, but ATT would go to the next collection agency,this lasted for about 2 years until they finally gave up,they informed me that it will be reported to all credit agencys, but every time I solicit credit from a new source I just explaid about the dirty ATT deal and they just ignore it,ever since then I have bought a bussiness and 2 automobiles with no problem.

The moral: Don't be affraid and never authorize automatic payments.


I'm am in the process if switching carrier also!


That is why I chose to go with Verizon Wireless. I had friends who ran into this issue with AT7T phones and recommended I go with someone else to avoid the data capping.

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