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Welcome to AT&T where customer service doesn't exist. We have the right to change and/or alter your contract without your consent.

When we use the sales pitch "UNLIMITED" data, it is our way to bait you in. We will then eventually switch on you, because there is no such thing as UNLIMITED at AT&T. When you see weird charges on your bills *ahem* "taxes" *ahem* "phantom data usage", it is not our fault and there is NOTHING we can do about it. Even when caught red handed, it is never our fault.

We like to blame the system. If you receive drop calls, our TOWERS ARE DOWN (AGAIN). Our AT&T reps are paid to do nothing. Not like they would know what they're doing anyways.

Therefore, don't bother calling us. If you decide to call anyways, don't hate the hour long wait, the 5 time transfers explaining and re-explaining to different reps your reason for calling, and/or the accidental disconnections. WE DON'T CARE! We make extra from the people who are too busy to look over their bills each month.

Thank you very for NOT calling AT&T. We hope your problems will resolve on its own. Don't bother contacting Better Business Bureau because we paid them off. Btw, read the fine prints on the contract that we changed without your consent.

It is our best defense. =)

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Phone Service.

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At&T sucks. Asking for a supervisor is a waste of time.

I had to research the company and find out who the President of it was and contact his office before anything changed. They helped me and I needed it after dealing with people who didn't care at all.

Praise God for Ms. Belva Davis, Office of the President!

She got it fixed!


I ordered phone and internet service for my apartment, in an old building in Chicago. They set up phone service and said that they couldn't do internet since it's an old building that isn't wired for internet.

I decided to try another company. At&t said that even though I only had service for two weeks, I would still have to pay for the entire month. No problem, that makes sense. They sent me a bill for phone AND INTERNET AND CABLE.

I called them numerous times to explain that I'm not paying for cable, because I DIDN'T ASK FOR IT, and I'm not paying for internet because THEY COULDN'T EVEN OFFER IT TO ME, but I will pay for the phone. They explained that they can't charge only for phone, their new rates include internet and cable so I would have to pay for all three. I didn't pay for it at all.

You don't screw people who are willing to pay for service by trying to force them to pay extra. BTW, the other company I switched to had no problem with "old phone lines" and I think AT&T is just trying to give minimal service for optimal rates.


I have even one better. My husband opened this account for his business which his brother was apart of 24 years ago.

His brother impersonated him and got control of the account recently. We called and got it switched back to my husband but he needed to go to the corporate office store and show his ID so he could prove it was him. We put a password on the account so he could not access it again and *** if they didn't let him on the account again and changed the password. Went back to the store to show ID and they said tough they only need one contact person and he has been it for 2600 day's which is 6 1/2 years which is bogus cause I have paperwork when we ordered an upgrade in 2010 which I was authorized to do and ordered a tablet in 2013 which I was authorized to do.

So AT&T lies and changes policies as they see fit.

They let him on the account with out any ID to prove who he is when his name was no where on it to begin with. I will be glad to join any class action lawsuit against AT&T!!


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So Sad - I heard that Verizon has excellent customer services and all their fees and charges are listed up front, no hidden cost and tacked on charges like AT&T. More importantly, no false promises.


You heard wrong.


AT&T ripped me off time and time again. Trying to get through to them to resolve an issue is almost impossible.

Like you have said, they bait you in, switch without the customer's consent, and refuse to be reasonable. Enough said!


I will try to help you with your customer service issue. You can email me: and include your contact information with your name in the subject line. Thanks, Johnathon ATTCustomerCare.


I had the same treatment from AT&T and then from Sprint. But I've never been happier with Verizon Wireless. AT&T and Sprint are awful.

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