Stone Mountain, Georgia

I signed up for AT&T DSL internet service, at a price of $30/month with a $36 connection fee. A friendly tech showed up, said he didn't need anything from me, and that he didn't even need to come into the house.

The internet was spotty and slow, download speeds are terrible, but it does work.

When my first bill came, it was for $143.96, more than twice the amount agreed upon for the month. There was a huge charge for deregulated wiring, which the tech never mentioned; there was another charge for a BYOM kit, which is not explained at all. I believe it to be for a packet they sent me in the mail with an extra cable, which I never asked for, was informed about, needed, or used.

I have since spent nearly 4 hours on the phone attempting to get in touch with someone helpful.

("please note, we are experiencing unusually high call volumes, so you may have a long wait time." - if I hear it every time I call, it isn't unusual anymore. It's a sign that your customer service is terrible and you need to fix it) The policy among AT&T reps seems to be "I don't like this person, his problem is complicated or he is upset; I'll transfer him or hang up on him without notice." I'm currently still on the phone as I write this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Internet Service.

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I deal with AT&T at home, at two jobs and through our non-profit organization. We have different plans of different kinds, Direct tv, Uverse and telephone.

I am so disgusted with the billing situation. They send out letters that appear to be junk mail but if you don't call in and buy into some new promo and package your rates go through the roof. It should be against the law!!!! We get tied into these contracts and have no other choices for service...

Someone please compete with AT&T so that they have to treat ppl right to keep them as customers!!!!! I spend hours upon hours on hold only to get the same load of *** sales pitch I got last time they promised me some deal. The next bill comes and its still outrageous, I call in again and get another promise that its taken care of and so on! I have literally been give agents ID #'s and a conformation # and have to call in again and they say that agent didn't get it right...

I'm exhausted and infuriated with this service. At a loss...


we stupidly tried the at&t bundled services that they were legally not allowed to sell us because our house is too far from the tower to get more than 1.5 megabites- making it impossible to surf the web, online game, or use the computer and your child use her ipod at the same time-now my bill comes in and has a double charge-dsl home networking equipment-100 bucks-and purchase 1 of 1 installments-100 bucks-then a credit- still leaving my bill that's supposed to be around fifty dollars-167.73.can you imagine? this is for the slowest, weakest internet we have ever had.i have talked to more than seven at&t associates and have gotten zero help-but a one hundred dollar bogus charge to the bill.the better business bureau will be getting my formal complaint-not that it will make any difference.


We do apologize for your experience and would like an opportunity to correct the entire situation. Will you please email me your AT&T Account info along with a call back number?

My email is I will investigate and contact you with options to meet a satifactory resolution.

Thank you for reaching out, we would like to turn this into a positive experience. ATTLESLEC

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