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I am on a plan with two others with AT&T wireless. We don't have anything fancy, just basic phones.

We only really use them to usually communicate with each other and at times, some family and friends. We have unlimited text, 600 minutes per month. Of course we had 1500 minutes per month and they suddenly changed our plan, one we've had going back when they were still Cingular. They still charged us the same amount for the 600 minutes that they did for the 1500.

We kept wondering why our bill was so high. It was because they set us back to 600 minutes without even telling us. If you're going to start changing contracts you may want to at least notify the customer. I mentioned we have unlimited text.

I am the only one of the three on our bill that uses text. I don't use it much, probably not even 400 messages a month. Yeah, so I somehow wind up going over the "limit". They don't know what happened, no doubt.

And we had data about six or seven years ago, but did away with it as we never used it. None of our phones are capable of using data so long as we don't have data. Of course, apparently I used "4 GB" worth of data. Ummm, what?

The bill was outrageous, something like $500. How is it possible that I used ANY data when I don't even have data? I sometimes click the browser button by accident when trying to press other buttons near it, but it always denies me and says my phone is not set up for data. We had a few minor problems back before they were At&t, but they always fixed it and refunded us.

Since At&t took over it's impossible to change anything, unless they are getting more money out of it. They never admitted fault for these screw ups, all of which were very costly. We paid for it. And as if that wasn't bad enough, the last time (after they suddenly switched us from 1500 minutes to 600) we never used anywhere near 600 minutes and the bill was near $300.

We went to dispute it. They again wouldn't admit fault. They decided the best way to handle this would be by placing restrictions on my phone. I find it awfully funny that it's only ever my phone that is "running up the bill".

Now I can only call five numbers and text / get texts between 7AM and 9PM. I've been on this plan for almost ten years and the only reason I'm still on it is due to the fact that I am out of work and can't afford to have a plan of my own.

I can promise At&t that once I get working again and get some other stuff paid, I will be grateful to switch providers. I'd also suggest that anyone looking to start a new contract avoids even setting foot in At&t.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Phone Plan.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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The thing with the internet happened to me. I.was never on the internet and I had not signed up for it.

It must have gotten "turned on" somehow per customer service. My bill was between $500 - $600.

I didn't use internet... Still had to pay!

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