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I went to an AT&T store to purchase my son an I-phone for xmas. While I was there I was talked into getting U-verse. HUGE mistake!!!

Installation date was 12-12-11 first tech showed up saw the job and decided it was too much for him and left. Next day another tech showed up, did the install and after 3 hours left.

Later that night we had a family night and all sat down to watch TV only to discover the TV is now broken. I looked behind the TV and there is broken plastic from the back of the TV laying on the TV stand and there is a box that was origionally INSIDE of the TV is now hanging out of the TV with broken wires and the u-verse cable is attached to the box hanging out of my TV. In addition the DVR's in the bedrooms didnt work properly. I called AT&T immediatly, and the nightmare began.

After several phone calls and being transfered from one department to another. AT&T ran my DVR boxes thru a series of tests only to determine they are defective. 2 weeks have passed now and on 12-28-11, 15 days after the install, the new DVR finally arrived in the mail for ME to install in the bedrooms so we can at least watch TV in there.

After 2 to 3 calls a week all averaging 1 to 2 hours being switched back and forth thur departments, and lots of complaints because I still had a broken TV in the living room.

AT&T decided to send out someone to look at my TV. He arrived 1-13-12, 31 days after the install. Turns out, he was only the manager for the tech that was at my house. Of course he is there to cover his behind and his tech. He proceeded to take many pictures with his cell phone of my TV and then sat there turning it off and on 20 or 30 times. I asked him what he was doing and he said... "Im trying to get that white line it is making with my cell phone. I knew right then I was in for a long drawn out fight with AT&T.

Just as I suspected, 2 days later I learn that the manager that was at my house decided it was not AT&T's fault and my claim was denied. ARE U KIDDING ME???

I had a perfectly fine working TV never had 1 problem with it, and the very same day AT&T was here doing an install all of a sudden I now have a broken TV with broken plastic and stuff hanging out of the back of the TV and they want to convince me they didnt do it? then they send me a bill in the mail for 240.00 saying I have to pay for a month in advance for service Im not getting. HUH?

Today is 1-20-12. It has been 38 days since AT&T was in my home, 38 days with no TV in the living room, 38 days of calls and complaints that are getting me no where, 38 days of grief, 38 days of being forced to watch TV in our bedrooms, 38 days of no more family nights watching movies together.

I even went directly to the corporate head quarters. they gave me a case number and said someone would call me with in 48 hours. That was 12 days ago. No one has yet to contact me from there either. I made 5 phone calls in the last 12 days to corporate offices and still nothing. I just keep getting the same message, from the same lady.... HE GOT YOUR MESSAGE HE WILL CALL YOU. When?? next month? next year?

I havent had service since you were in my home yet you are expecting me to pay for this service?? really??? I want my TV in the living room fixed. PUT IT BACK TO WHERE IT WAS BEFORE YOU WALKED IN MY FRONT DOOR. Anyone know a good lawyer send him my way please.

oh and by the way I have been an AT&T customer since 1999, when it was Pacific Bell. That is 13 years of loyality from me and this is how they want to treat me?

LATEST UPDATE: On Saturday 1-21-2012 I paid 45.00 to a TV repair tech to come out to my home and evaluate the TV. He in fact stated that the damage was caused by AT&T. when they screwed in their cable to the back of the TV it shattered the plastic and when the box fell out it caused a short in the TV.

Today 1-26-2012 I was contacted by Mr. Markee he claimed to be the president of AT&T corporate offices. But when I googled "who is the president of AT&T" a completly different name came up.

Randall L. Stephenson, is Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President of AT&T Inc. and has served in this capacity since June 2007.

John T. Stankey, President and Chief Executive Officer, AT&T Business Solutions

John Stankey, President and CEO, AT&T Business Solutions, is responsible for AT&T's sales, marketing and customer service operations for retail business, government and wholesale customers of AT&T worldwide.

Interesting nowhere listed in any of my searches did the name Mr. Markee come up. In addition Mr. Markee left me a voice mail stating his name and position. I saved the voice mail.

Mr.Markee stated to me that he is standing behind the managers decision, and that his notes in the system say that I told someone at AT&T my TV was working just fine. I laughed at him. Those are obviously false notes put in the system by an AT&T empolyee trying to cover their rear ends.

He also said to me that he didnt care that I was a long term customer and if I wanted to I could have U-verse removed from my home and go somewhere else.

He was a complete donkey, he was rude, short and said he didnt care if I went to the media. He will have his say too, and he will make sure everyone knows I made a false claim based on the notes in his system. He said his lawyers will be much bigger then mine and he is not worried.

WHAT KIND OF PRESIDENT OF ANY COMPANY TALKS TO THEIR CUSTOMERS LIKE THAT? really? My only regret at this point was that I didnt record his conversation to me.

It is now Thursday 1-26-2012, my TV is still broken, I'm still forced to pay AT&T for service Im not getting. Im out 45.00 to a TV repair tech who clearly stated it was in fact AT&T's fault, and Im extreemly upset over this.

All I wanted was for my TV to be fixed and working just like it was before AT&T walked into my house.

I may be just a little guppy in a pool of sharks but Im going to make sure someone hears my cries.

oh yeah one more thing............ What can TV News stations do to help me?TV News consumer advocacy groups are in the business of helping consumers by exposing unethical companies that scam consumers. Submitting your story provides them with a lead on which companies to go after. You're done!!!! Your story has been forwarded to 23 TV News Stations!

Monetary Loss: $1350.

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Dear Unhappy, I feel for you. We have U-verse with tv, internet and phone for the past year.

We are at the end of the line for service and have had nothing but problems. We findly changed our phone back to a POTS (Plain old telephone serv.) line. We have also have had over 30 tecs. to the house, broken sprikler system and under ground wireing cut.

We did email our state attory general with all our problems. They gave us a case # and they called the US regulary dept. That made things happen. But still have problems with their customer service.

Our POTS stopped working the other day and called for service. Couldn't talk to a real person and it was going to take 3 days for it to get fixed. The next day I received a call on my cell that the problem had been fixed.. NOT.

The next day the same .. NOT. Then they showed up the day after it was to be fixed to get our U-Verse equepment. They had a order that we had canceled our severice.


So my advice to you and anyone looking in getting AT&T U-verse don't. If you have it, get rid of it, unless you have hours to spend on the phone talking to 3-4 diffrant people that go thu the same imformation and get nowhere.


:grin GEE Iknow what you mean, i have been tring for 2 weeks to get then to get my password right, they stiil have not it right, i been with sbc for 10 years, when they sold out to a&t, sevice is bad, was told when tried to get from some one else that AT&T have the dsl all sew up and you can get canone else to help. Hughes,told me to go back to AT&t

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