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I recently added Directv to my landline and internet. My bill does not reflect the amount I was told by two of their reps.

Each month the bill is higher. When I signed on it was a 24 month agreement and contract, and the price quoted would be the same for duration of contract. I've had to call numerous times and I get transferred to several different reps and then disconnected. All of their reps lie to get your business.

Totally dissatisfied and frustrated to say the least. This will definitely be my last business dealings with them ever.

They publish offers and send emails about pricing and service, but they never comply with the agreement made between them and the customer. AT&T/AT&T Uverse are the worst ever.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Bundle.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I have had the same problem,I started recording them for proof.They lie so much!


I never experience such horrendous company. They double U-verse price within one year contract.

We started around 80.00 by the end of the year we paid 150!!! When I switched to Charter, the retention dept told me to stay by giving me a lower price while we could keep same package. After the technician has installed he told us our package has reduced from U verse 200 to only U verse family. We told him we don't want it.

He uninstalled and took everything away. A couple of month later we are billed over 300 dollars and were told we didn't return the receiver! They blame us for the technician didn't turn in the receiver. The issuer still has not resolved yet.

Never in my life I had such bad experience with their customer service. One rep said one thing and the other rep can turn over as if nothing has been said ever.

Their words are not honor, it is only a ***. I hate At&T


I just experienced the same thing in regard to direct tv promotion. Have spent countless hours trying to resolve with no luck, just more lies and transfers from department to department.

They also will not allow me out of contract without a 500 Fee.

ATT business practices are literally criminal. There should be a class action!

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