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The Story:I made the mistake of ordering an at&t bundle.In this bundle i was to receive....High speed internet.Local and long distance phone service and Direct tv for theprice of 99.95 pr month.After a while all systems were go.On my first couple of bills i sent in the required 99.95 or 99.What i agreed to.I'd like at this point to say that i'm satisfied with my internet.NOT satisfide with the phone service....They added all these charges for things i do not want and do not need.There paid bullshitters refuse to cancel all these unnessary services, like call waiting, servicing, and blah blah blah. I dont even know what they are, i just need a phone not a caretaker.They lie and tell you that it's free with the package/BUNDLE. Then charge you for it on your bill.When i or my wife call to get rid of it they hand us to some foreigner with something in there mouths besides english for another round of bs. They make it impossible to change or cancel anything.This is some fresh out of scam school *** idea to confuse, stagger, delay, and divert your train of thought to *** out of more and more money.I'd call and complain about it but i dont speak mexican or pakastani. After all..i'm a real american.Only solution for this as far as i can see is a cell phone. Coming soon.Now!Let's go to the Mighty Fine direct tv grand theft.As part of my mighty fine DTV Bundle i was to recieve there basic package.I started out paying a few bills to at&t and thought everything was everything.I started getting these billls from DTV that were separate.Had my wife call about it to at&t.......told her a lie and said that those DTV bills were not bills and thatthaey could be ignored and that if we look closely we would see that. (like were ***)Time goes on.....bills keep coming in.......the phone calls start....i attempted to speak to every cultureon the planet. Can't understand a *** word they say......i'm not there 1st grade english teacher so i hang up.After a lot of bs my wife contacts a real american (imagine that) at at&t.He supposedly straightens this all out.Instead of honoring the bundle price......he arranges to have the now overpayment for DTV sent back to us by way of some lame *** debit cards! These cards can't be used for cash or gas. When i asked - why don't you just apply this amount to my bill......THEY DON'T DO THAT! It has to be refunded by this mighty fine card. Mayby i should start paying my at&t bill with Mc Donalds gift certificates instead of money too.After a few weeks and more talking to more mexicans and pakastanis with speech impediments and hair lips, i find that these mighty fine cards weren't even sent out.At&t never repaired their BUNDLE and i was now responsible for the direct tv bill!I recieved no free installation! No temporary free viewing...nothing but a FULL Charge for everythingIncluding some service program and charges for the 2nd reciever....not one *** concession!At this point i'm way behind. I was sending the balance of my bundle (program package i'm viewing is supposed to be 29.99) as my payments......obviously not good enough......spoke and hung up on the rest of the small small world......except for america. Wrote multiple letters and emails and finally!!!They must of had to search the whole world and found a smug but real english speaking american for me to speak to.During our yes, uh huh, i see, well, conversation I learned that because of this at&t lie and false advertisment that ....... I!.... had to contact at&t. That I! had to fill out some request form and negotiate a Bundle agreement between DTV and AT&T!!!!!That until this is done I have to pay 62.00 a month plus installation and their service pack and rent there 2 recievers!!!! What the *** is this! Everyone else pays 29.95 for this sorry *** programming.This is theft! This is harrasment! This is false advertisment and this is an outrageous SCAM!I live in the city of hogansville ga. I live on the only street with no cable and only one phone service available.I made a deal and i'm being crucified by these scam artists. I should be able to sue for this and as soon as i talk to a lawyer i probably will unless this is taken care of asap.I'm sending this letter one more time to the CEO of both companies and then to the BBB before i lawyer up.In Georgia.....they play these gone with the wind games to confuse and decieve people to scam every penny including the ones on your eye's so that they'll.....Never go hungry again!

Donald Pritchard4740 mountville hogansville rdHogansville, ga 30230

DTVacc# 38943586po box 538605atlanta ga, 30353-8605

At&tpo box 105503atlanta ga 30348-5503acc# 706-637-6030 152 0630OH BY THE WAY MEANWHILE MY CREDIT RATING IS BEING DESTROYED BY THESE CROOKS!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Cell Phone Upgrade.

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Wow, what a loser. You are an racist American yet you can't spell for ****.


We signed up for an AT&T/DirecTV bundle, and we find out it's for NEW customers only (after the first bill comes). WHO in CT is NOT an AT&T customer?

If you have a land line, you are an AT&T customer. SO, it's a scam from the start. We save NO money, in fact we spend MORE. DirecTV is partners in the scam.

We were supposed to get a bundle with AT&T/DirecTV for $65/month for the first year, $115/month for the 2nd year. That's what we agreed to. Since we are NOT new customers, and they knew it, we are SCREWED for $115/month for TWO years. Forget You, DirecTV, I am going back to your competitor, who never worked me over like you did in the 16 years I used them (after you hose me for 2 locked in years).

With your "added costs" that aren't incl in the package price...You are scammers with the best of them.

I should have known, bundling only hurts consumers. AT&T and DirTV should be investigated.


At and t sux as a business. They really know how to lube and stick you


Hi Donald,

It has been a long time since you've posted this. How did you make out?

I bought the high speed internet & unlimited calling and for 5 months I have not been billed accordingly. Overcharged. Every month I spend an hour on the phone and get apologies & reassurance they've corrected the error. I just wrote Mr Stephenson CEO, the BBB and now my attorney general.

Boy--AT&T takes a lot of my energy and my MONEY. It's really terrible!


Wow, I was thinking of a bundle but after reading this way!!


this has been going on since jan of 2011 att can not seem to liive up to their contract bundle of phone ,cable ,internet $155 per month. in april of 2011 when i refused to pay the separate phone bill again they shut off my u-verse so when i call them up they say they can't turn the service back on because the equipment must be taken to ups to be sent to the factory to be reprogrammed.

It is amazing what mastercard can do because as soon as they had my credit card number the service was back on in 10 minutes. an hour later a techinician knocks on my door to install the equipment. Install? i say,it's already working.

it is a shame that after being a customer since 1982 there customer service will chase me away. to sum it all up ,in this morning's conversation i asked the 4th person i was transferred to this morning whether or not he would like me to remain a customer of att.

his reply and i quote him was "sir i can not answer that question". THAT MY FREIND IS THE PROBLEM


Glad I read these and didn't go ahead and order the AT&T bundle package. You all saved me from making a big mistake


Our banker told us to pull all 3 credit bureu .1 x a year it is free to everyone, Then DISPUTE EVERYTHING! Thats right EVERYTHING This is true and works . I couldnt get a 99 cent hamburger on credit LOL And now I can go on a car lot and choose any car I'd like


On Mar 24, I contacted ATT to inquire about bundled services for wireless, home, and television (cable/DirecTV) for two TVs. ATT quoted a monthly rate $150 for these services including DVR.

I specifically asked if that included all my current home phone services (unlimited long distance, voice mail, caller id/call wait) and was told YES. Asked how long the rate was for - answer one year. I asked what happened after one year, could I cancel or change service, and was told I could cancel, change service, or inquire about new monthly bundled specials. Because I needed to also modify my wireless plan (add text, reduce data plan, net reduction $5/monht), I had to call a different ATT service number to do that, then call back to the home services.

I called back, I was quoted a HIGHER monthly rate AND told it was a minimum 2 year commitment, with a further increase after one year, and didn't include voicemail, so $17 more monthly, no more voicemail, and it was going up another 30/month the 2nd year. Asked to speak to a supervisor - was lost in ATT phone system - basically, they hung up on me after leaving me dangling in "call waiting" for quite a while. I called back and requested to speak to that Supervisor (Sabrina) - she never called back. This is fraudulent sales technique!

I should know better, ATT did this to me years ago when I got a smart phone. They misrepresent the rates, then get you on a multi-year deal, and oh darn, too bad consumer...


Also very strange that this site censors words. My comment was that it was very odd that such racist and bigotted comments would come from a G A Y man and they censored G A Y even though he makes it clear in his post

Also meant unsubstantiated not unsubstantiative


Pretty odd that such racist and bigotted remarks would come from a *** man.

Anyway sounds like AT&T lawyers got to Don given his follow up remarks. I have read that big corporations staff positions for reading these forums for the sole purpose of investigating and calling people on unsubstantiative claims and will threaten legal action unless the statements are retracted. I have no doubt that AT&T would stoop to this level.


He apologized people...come on, everyone here knows how we get when poeple mess with our money. Me personally, I m mixed with black and white, but for heaven sake if you are going to outsoure to toher coutries make sure they speak clear english. I have nothing against other races but if i am paying your salary with my bills every month you should be able to talk to me so tht i understnad...we all have thought it and said one or twice in our live....stop giving the guy a hard time.


att@t and direct tv bundle is a ripp off,i sighned up for phone,internet and direct t.v. for 154.95 a month you get 2 seperate bills one for direct tv 100.41 att@t for 97.00 dollars a month.big scam dont waste your time arguing with both companys.



First off I would like to commend AT&T on reading my post and having an agent get in touch with me. After only a few minutes on the phone the situation was handled and as it turns out I was the one that was confused. I would like to appologize to AT&T for all the misrepented statements I've made.

Most importantly I made a racist comment about being a "real American" not Mexican or Pakistani and I would like to greatly appologize for that. Since the post I've felt horrible. I am *** and was lucky enough to find one of the most wonderful men in the world to be my partner, and he is from India.

With that said I wish you all the best and give the advice to be patient with AT&T and they will work with you.

Donald Pritchard

4740 mountville hogansville rd

Hogansville, ga 30230


Aggravated in NC:

I suggest no one ever goes with AT&T on anything. They lie and they cheat, then *** out of your money.

We bundled in Sept. 2008 and our monthly bill is supposed to be $139.99.

My first bill was over $240, the second bill was over $340, my third bill was $214, and my last bill was $204.00. My solution to the problem is that I will only pay what I agreed to pay and not a penny more.


AT&T Tri-Bundle has been overcharging me for 7 months. No amount of talking to their agents helps.

It makes things worse. Even more additional charges are added on. More things are ordered that I never requested be ordered. I believe a class action lawsuit should be filed against them.

I was told it would be $115.00 per month. Most months it is over $200 (before taxes), this past month it was even more with their additions that I did not request.


AT&T Tri-Bundle has been overcharging me for 7 months. No amount of talking to their agents helps.

It makes things worse. Even more additional charges are added on. More things are ordered that I never requested be ordered. I believe a class action lawsuit should be filed against them.

I was told it would be $115.00 per month. Most months it is over $200 (before taxes), this past month it was even more with their additions that I did not request.


did the biggot just think about cancelling his service??

and ditto on the pig-headed racial remarks - ya know, you may be able to get your point across more intelligently if you remain calm regarding a situation



Wow they got my neighbor and I for the same thing. It was supposed to be 130 a month for bundle with Dish Network and AT&t.

They were all supposed to be installed at the same time, and they told me they cancelled my TWC. On week one I got my DishNetwork, On Week Three I got my Phone and on week 6 I got my Internet. The internet was slower than dial up, I called and cancelled everything and was told my contract with dish was seperate and not part of a bundle.

It took me three months to get it all straightened out and the idiots never cancelled my TWC so I was still paying for it as well. The BBB worked wonders for me, I called every number I could find and got all my money back....Good Luck to You!!!


A real American is white. Hispanic.

black, Indian, etc. And a true American were and are the Indians, and almost got wiped out from the European diseases, slavery, the trail of tears, and brutality acts upon them by having their babies skulls crushed, people burn alive.

Look into your own history, before you start making uneducated guesses. And to think I actually felt sorry for you at the beginning.

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