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It's been 3 weeks since the original order was placed to have my number ported over from another carrier. AT&T, through their lack of communication, has caused delay after delay.

First, they were missing some information, that I found out about after the initial port date when I called to find out why the order wasn't complete. AT&T rewrote the order for 10 days later. Come that day, the order still wasn't complete.

After several phone calls, I spoke with a rep who said there was an error with the order and that it'd have to be rewritten again, for another 10 days in the future. When I mentioned I'd already gone through that and if there's an error now, there'll probably be an error then she was able to get someone to listen and told me the error was fixed and everything should be up in 2-3 hours.

It wasn't. I called back that night and was told by support that everything looked good and should be up by 10 pm. It wasn't.

The next morning I called and got tier 2 support who told me that everything looked good and that they'd have to reboot my router. They did, that disconnected my call and they never bothered to call back.

I called back in the evening, got tier 2 and they said that with that error, there's no way they can port the number until the error is cleared, which will be in 24-48 hours and then I'd have to wait another 5-7 days for the number to be ported. He tried to connect me with order management, sat on hold for 20 minutes at which time he came back and said the office was closed and I'd have to call them the next day.

Called the next day and order management said they could do nothing until the order was cleared and then they'd get the order rewritten and I'm looking at another 10 days for the number to be ported. I asked why I can go to a cell phone vendor and get my number ported over in 20 minutes and with AT&T it takes a month. They had no answer. There are too many departments that touch an order and that causes mess-ups. I'm pissed.

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Tried to change to AT&T today and was told they couldn't port the number I've had for six years with cellularone because cell one was not in the AT&T service area. I think that is the excuse he was trying to give me.

I don't understand why I cant keep it. I checked with Verizon and I can keep it if I switch to them.

Does anyone know why AT&T wont let me keep it. I would rather have them as my cell phone provider


At&t is inept when it comes to porting numbers. For some strange reason ATT released my home phone number due to an auto-fill error when I was porting my verizon numbers to PPC.

The form had the wrong acct number, wrong carrier, and the wrong pin! So anyways, I have been trying to get ATT to port the number back for over a month and half! Every time I tell them the same correct information. A few days later ATT call and tells me port request was denied.

I check with PPC and they tell me it was denied because information is missing in the port request from ATT. Sometimes there is no acct number and/or no name and/or no address and/or no PIN! They cannot get it right!!!!

To resubmit a port request there is a minimum 4 business day delay! I am fed up with them and looking to dump them completely change my phone, TV and my internet to some other company!!!


If AT&T cannot port your number, it is because they are not licensed to have that number in that area. They are bound by FCC regulations when it comes to this, and they have no choice. If for some reason a number cannot be ported in, it is because they cannot, they are not just trying to *** you off or be lazy.

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