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If you are frustrated with AT&T I will join your club! Their customer service is absolutely horrible! Once they have you locked in a contract, the "honeymoon" ends. I had a passed due bill, which I decided to pay online (don't know why, website NEVER works properly). I selected the option to pay the passed due balance, which automatically selects the amount you are going to pay, in my case about 145. Everything goes through fine, I successfully bring my account up to date...or so I thought. Following month I receive a bill for 120+ when it should be in the 60's or 70's. I call customer service and they said I had not paid the entire past due amount on the previous bill!!! I say that's absurd, since I had specifically selected "pay passed due amount" which the website automatically selects the amount of money to be paid. All claims fell on deaf ears... no, non-caring ears. SO FRUSTRATING! I call back at another time to see if I get different results from a different agent, no such luck!

Their website is another issue, the links never work properly, and if there's an error on it, you end up paying for it. AT&T is company that doesn't care about the consumer, and they have the power to make your life miserable, and they use it!! Then they make it expensive to be released from your contract, not to mention the possible effects on your credit, so you feel trapped!!! I know that probably nothing can be done, there are many of you in the same or worse situation as me, but I needed to vent anyway!!! (By the way, good luck trying to file a complaint on their site!!!)

For all you frustrated AT&T customers out there, I feel your pain.

Funny, I just finished reading a story about kings and knights and beasts, almost feel like crying out "ALL YOU SUFFERERS OF INJUSTICES! LETS UNITE OUR VOICES AND TAME THIS BEAST! least I can dream, right?

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5 different AT&T technicians came out to fix the problem but they did not do it rite. Every time they fixed a connection issue, the next day it fails again!!

AT&T is the worse company to have service with :( :(


AT&T raises the price of our bundle service with them. Their customer reps are lying to us.

At first, they told us that the price won't change for 1 yr of service but after 6 months of service with them they already raise the price so beware of AT&T!!! They will cheat


Before Christmas we decided to break down and get a cell phone for myself and my son. The sales rep quoted us a price of $29.99 a month just for 450 minutes and unlimited texting for both phones.

The next month they sent us a bill for $80!! When my husband called them they said they had no record of the original sales quote..blah..blah..blah, nothing they can do. My husband ended up telling them to shove it and cancel the service. Now they keep calling us from a debt collection agency!!!



All we wanted was 2 basic phones for emergencies, no bells and we'll have this *** on our credit report?


I have an unlimited data account and the started blocking my data stating they no longer offer the service and liimit each account to five gigabits of information. I recieved calls from their laptop connect department claiming they no longer offer the plan and tried everything to talk me into signing up for a capped plan but I refused.

One person from AT&T claimed to be from their president's office but could not prove it and the phone number on the caller ID showed from their laptop support, so I refused and she refused to hang up first so this went on for an hour until she finally hung up. I told them I have no intentions of changing my plan so after being shut off for various times over the last month, they finally left it on.

From what I found on the Internet, Cingular purchased AT&T and are trying to cheat existing AT&T customers out of their contracts. I've never had to sue anyone in court but there is always a first.


I used the website to make a payment at a later date but I did not authorize the payment to come out of my debit card. they used my debit card and made the payment when I didn't have enough money in my checking account to pay for it.

this caused 2 overdrafts.

I was furious and called, sat on hold for 20 minutes saying they couldn't reverse it. I'm filling a complaint with my bank.

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