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we had to get off at&t because we hardly could use the internet and the tech support never soved anything after hours spend with them and being passed from one 'technician" to another.We got off in June this year,but their tech support still bill us and intend to do so, for an year.Nothing was clear about a commitmemt for an year and we staid with at&t only aroun a month. how can we stop them to bill us for services they didn't provide even when we had at&t it's almost impossible to talk to a real person at at&t.

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My experience was surreal. Only needed a password reset for an email address that had been compromised.

After hours of run around, and being cut off twice, they finally told me the connecttech pitch 'pay $15 per month on a one year contract or $49 for a one time service issue' and we will fix it. What a scam! Totally holding their clients hostage. Pay us money and we can deal with your account.

I could go on because the issues go beyond this. But just stopping on the main point of my rant...this is AT&T, not a fly by night company that doesnt care about their brand, but AT&T that has set up this arrangement to basically hold their clients hostage to fix their problems.


I will see what I can do? OK. Let's sit by the phone for that one.


The service reference: ConnecTech

The service promised:

This service was promoted as being an upgrade from the technical assistance service provided through AT&T Internet DSL. AT&T internet services advised me that ConnecTech would be available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year to assist with technical problems of all types (including software and, when possible, hardware problems) that AT&T DSL technicians may not have the knowledge or expertise to resolve. ConnecTech service is being billed at $15.00/month beginning 12.04.2011 with a caveat that if I should discontinue such service prior to a year’s time period, I would be billed for the remaining months’ service fees.

The situation:

On December 30 a friend who was staying a few days wanted to connect to my internet service. The network password I had been given by ConnecTech on the 12.04.11 contact showed as invalid. Through an automated system with AT&T internet services I was given a new password which also did not work. Between 3pm to 4pm EST, I contacted ConnecTech (866-470-4367) three times in efforts to resolve the situation.

The problem:

On the first call to ConnecTech, after I had explained the reason for my call, the technician questioned the status of the lights on the Gateway modem, to which I advised were all were lit green. The technician was persistent in verifying the lights were green to which I again assured her they were and that I was only requesting assistance with a password for the purpose mentioned above. I questioned the technician if she would address my specific issue to which she said she needed to “troubleshoot” the line. Again, I explained there was no problem whatsoever with the service during which the technician overspoke me. All of sudden the line was dead with dial tone soon to follow.

I called ConnecTech again. The gentleman who answered the call couldn’t get past my billing telephone number, repeatedly advising me he could not understand me. Having worked for years in customer service positions with AT&T/Pacific Telesis/Bell South, I know the importance of speaking slowly and clearly. Such was my speech with both calls. The technician kept saying he could not understand me and not that he couldn’t hear me. Once again, all of a sudden the line went dead.

I called again, listened to the recorded menu options and was able to obtain a new password. Unfortunately, that password didn’t work either.

When I called again I reached a third technician whose name I couldn’t understand because of the thick accent and who couldn’t understand me. At this point, my friend, who had simply asked to have access to my internet, told me not to bother so I gave up and hung up the phone. ConnecTech proved to me they cannot provide the service as prescribed.

The predicament:

I venture to say that the problems I incurred were due to a lack of communications between myself and the ConnecTech employees who spoke extremely broken English and had trouble interpreting my English.

The resolution:

Since ConnecTech has proven they cannot provide the level of service as they and AT&T DSL Internet services as promised, the service should be removed from my billing without termination penalties. I am requesting AT&T take whatever steps are necessary to discontinue the service and billing without termination fees.

To AT&T:

I have been a steadfast customer of AT&T from before, during and after working in various positions with AT&T and Baby Bell companies. The partnership with DirecTV enhanced my loyalty with AT&T. DirecTV picture and service quality has been unbelievably superior to Bright House. If you aren’t able to resolve this issue to my satisfaction, when I move from Spring Hill to Daytona Beach at some point in 2012, I will accept the penalty fees and go with some other provider at that point. According my neighbor he has all his services through Bright House at about $40 less per month which includes premium channels (which I don’t have with DirecTV).

My grievance has nothing to do with the $15/month fee. My dissatisfaction is strictly on the level of service that I can expect with ConnecTech. Really… it’s no better than your DSL technical support group. The situation that led me being referred to ConnecTech on Dec 4 proved to be a problem with the password! Why I have problems with the password is beyond my understanding. If you can resolve this complaint to my satisfaction, I will accept the fact that not all technical problems can be resolved through your DSL group.

The lack of communication because of a difference in language with ConnecTech is the same as what I had experienced in the past when calling the AT&T DSL group (888-321-2375) – being routed to people who speak broken English. This is another reason why ConnecTech is not an enhanced service option. You have made a grave mistake subcontracting services to ConnecTech.

My next step is to place a Public Service Commission complaint (Florida).


Dear Anonymous, sorry to hear about the issue with the charges. Please send an email to and include you posted on “Pissed Consumer”, your name, account information, and a contact number.

I will see what I can do to help you. Thanks.


tell to the higher management of at&t connectech sales department to fix our management here in the Philippines (Sutherland global services) indian ritesh and rutchin are just flirting with *** team leaders on the floor!

come on! it's Christmas! they don't even care? no celebrations at all? get rid all of the managers here in the Philippines and change it! or better pull out your account in Sutherland and find a better company!

we've been doing sales everyday and let customers pay either $15 per month for 12 months commitment or one time payment of $49 but were not getting any compensation!

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