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I moved in to my new house and needed internet service. Where I live, I have one choice, AT&T.

I called to get a quote and schedule installation. I was pleasantly surprised when I learned they were having a special and all speeds were available at the same low price of $14.95-$19.95 (It's been a year or so and I cannot remember the exact price quoted). Nonetheless, I have yet to be charged even the $19.95 per month. It was $40 something, so I called and they told me I just needed to wait for the promotional rate to be credited to my account, so I did.

In the meantime, I got disconnected and charged $30 to reconnect plus total past due...TOTAL. No discount or promotional rate at all. Finally, I see a credit on a bill and it gets lowered some but not down to original quote. So I sit on the bill again (presumably awaiting promotion to "kick in" again.

It never did. I've been going through this for over a year now. When I call them, I get disconnected, transferred and never, ever get a resolution. So then I get disconnected and charged $30 reconnect again and again.

Just today spent almost an hour on hold, calling back, telling my story to 4 different reps and eventually gave up after disconnected again. Clearly it's a call center who doesn't give a *** about customer service. I was promised a rate and I want that rate. They promise you the sun when you're a new customer but then nobody makes good on the promise.

It's fraud, robbery and allowed! I'm pissed.

How can I hold AT&T accountable? What do I do?


Kelly in KY

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I had the same problem.....called got the runaround, and them looked for solutions on the internet. This is what I found to be effective: contact the FTC and complain, if that does not work contact your states attorney general.

They should have a consumer protection dept or division or something like that. Give them all of your info and it will get taken care of within a month.


unless this customer service guy actually helped you he is probably trying to give you the runaround so they can keep charging you extra. Stay on it.


Hi Kelly- That was the beginning of my troubles with AT&T as well. Promised a "promotional" rate at $14.95 per month for the DSL internet.

I too never received that rate and just kept paying the higher rates for about a year. I tried to call and ask questions, but again like you was blown off and shuffled around to the point of such frustration. I think they rely upon that system so we do give up and just end up paying those rates rather than the alternative of being frustrated and blown off--waisting valuable time and getting no where! It is really called exstortion and oppressing the poor.

Most folks will just pay it rather than go through so much hassle. That ATT customer service who left you a message here may be able to help. I posted my frustrations to about AT&T and now am waiting to see if these "social net work ATT teams" will get these problems one and for all resolved? If not i am on a mission to tell anyone who will listen about ATT BS.

In addition, if you have a neighbor you are close enough too and are on friendly terms with they probably have wifi as well and you can simply ask them if you can share it. That is what i do now. I have FREE AT&T DSL now thanks to my generous neighbor who simply gave me their network code and now i can connect for (FREE) in the comfort of my own home as before and as if it were my own service.

It is quite easy to do. Good luck!


Hi, Kelly. I am so sorry that you have had this issue with your account. Please send me an email with your contact information to or, and I will be glad to look into this and get you a resolution.

Thank you,

Troy W~AT&T Social Media Manager

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