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I was paying $68 a month for phone service alone through AT&T... I had my internet through Verizon.

AT&T kept sending me a "Your such a valued customer, we have a deal for you" offering me phone service(the same pkg I had including unlimited long distance and then adding High speed internet for $49.95). I received this offer in the mail like clock work for almost a year- not to mention the repeated phone calls that I would tell them I was interested but would call them back when I could sit down and understand exactly what they were offering. Finally, i took one of the calls and went through the program asking questions and making notes. It was explained that this deal was $49.95 TAXES INCLUDED (I even repeated 49.95 + tax and was corrected that it included tax). I explained having to have fast internet due to where I lived... the reassurance was great! I even asked about hidden fees b/c at the same time Verizon was offering me free hardware to take their in home service... again i was reassured.... I would be billed at the rate of $49.95 "FOREVER" i would just have to sign up for Auto Bill Pay.... and it would auto draft the $49.95 from my bank acct on the 25th of each month. I again asked about hidden fees and repeated that only $49.95 would be deducted in December (knowing my November bill had already cycled and would be due)...again I was reassured. SO I DID IT!... Thinking to my self that this would save me a little money and include internet! "Go AT&T... trying to rise above the competition at a time when people are doing away with their landlines... Good for them/Good for me" WHAT A JOKE ON ME!

On November 14th i called and paid my bill over the phone before the auto draft hit on the 25th

On December 14th AT&T autodrafted $99.97 from my back account (11 days before our agreement and for DOUBLE THE AMOUNT AGREED UPON). I went home to get the paper I had written all the notes on during my call with the original "deal-maker" and called AT&T.... Well...many calls, many "customer service" reps later, and very many days later I am about to be auto drafted $99.97 again on January 14th.


I would tell a rep the facts that happened to me... they would send it back to another dept, leave me on hold until I hung up or transfer me to someone that didn't have a clue to what i was speaking about... so i would start over. Each rep telling me that the "promotion" I received was:

one Rep: "Oh Ms Smith I see that you are recieving upgraded internet which is why you are being charged extra" i explained what the lady told me and asked the man to fix it... he had to send it to another dept but made the notes and someone should get back with me

One Rep: She was foreign, made me go through the story over and over and only repeated the same 4 sentences back to me... " Unfortunately your phone service pkg is...., Unfortunately your internet pkg is...

Unfortunately your billing is correct based on your pkg's... I can transfer you back to some dept....

One Rep: He was exceptionally nice and listened to my story again b/c their were notes made on my account and he apologized for every thing and said he was making the notes on my account... even read them back to me and then told me if i would give him my Cell phone number he would have his supervisor call me back.... I basicly begged that the man call me back... "oh he will, My supervisor is very good... I will have him call you back before the end of the day... I going to run this up to him now!"


I called back this moring and spent 20 minutes with the 1st rep... 22 minutes with the 2nd rep with

the reps telling me things such as "oh that promotion charges you $99 the first three months and then you get discount for a year" AND DID I MENTION THERE WERE BARELY ANY NOTES MADE TO MY ACCOUNT?????

Then finally I got another rep stating that she would send me to another dept that she thought could help me... so finally i got a Ms Griffen in THE CANCELLATION DEPT.. who kindly told me that my pkg was correct there was no one that could help me because the promotion would charge me $99.97 for two months and then on the 3rd month it would bill the $49.95 for the next 10 months and then my bill would go back to $99.97 per month. I was ill and repeated my notes and explained that AT&T had people mis-representing their company and thier promotion. I explained that I am a business woman and took extensive notes and filed them... I asked that she go back and pull the "recorded" conversation where the woman and I spoke originally... she kindly told me that there was no such recording. so I asked to go back in the file notes and see what was offered to me and she kindly replied that their were no notes made on my account with that information and said all she could do for me was make the $14.99 internet correction but then it would kick me out of that deal. I was so upset by this point I sat in silence for a minute to collect myself and Ms Griffen asked if I was still there and then a man's voice behind her said "Just Hang up on her!"

I asked Ms Griffen if I understood that she was telling me that there was no one else that could help me, no one above her to talk to and that AT&T wasn't going to make this right? She stated it was right... the bill was charging what it was suppose to per the program and that their was no one else to send this matter to. I told her it was sad how they have handled a 14 year customer and that they would be willing to lose a customer over $100 (the $50 extra on the first two bills) that there is no doubt in my mind if they "the employees" weren't taught to run customers around and quota's weren't set on call times (which is why we are sent from person to person) and incetives weren't paid on NOT giving anything away That something would have already been done for me. I am a Senior Property Manager over 665 multifamily housing unts and had just returned to AT&T internet in my office last year and have recommended AT&T for internet for over 10 years in my job... we even put AT&T information into move in packets... so anyone can imagine my disgust in AT&T's handling of my personal situation. Over principal AT&T has made an enemy of me, a 14+ year customer, over a mere $100. I believe the "deal" was mis-guided from the beginning and that the company has been made aware and they choose to dismiss claims.... because imagine my surprise when I went looking for an online complaint site and found tons of complaints about the same issue I am having including both the $49.95 phone/internet pkg and the RUN AROUND CUSTOMER SERVICE. TWO THUMBS DOWN TO YOU AT&T... You should understand totally understand why Verizon is growing leaps and bounds!

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I just found all this out to be true. Signed up in Nov.

for a bundle. Was suppose to be phone, internet with call waiting and caller ID. I have the actual letter that states this. When I contacted them I was told that was not the offer and I would have to pay extra for those service's.

What a rip off. Nothing I can do for a year, but after being with them over 30 years - I will drop them in November - for good. I don't like being lied to amd then they pretend it was my error - when I have the letter. Don't sign up for ANYTHING!!!!!You'll be sorry if you trust them.

I never will again!!!! :sigh


Hi, oh my goodness, I'm with AT&T and saw your blog. Anything I can help with?

You can send your concerns to attcharmaineh@att.com and I'll definitely look into it.

Thanks. ^CharmaineH


AT&T's customer service is TERRIBLE. Needed to check on an account for my father who is very sick.

Called their customer service number and was "run around" by their automated system - could not get a real life person after being place on hold for half an hour. Was then hung up on by the computer system. Called back, got same run around by automated system - had to hold for another half hour to get a representative who then told me that she did not know why it took an hour for me to get a customer service representative as they were supposedly NOT BUSY!

It then took ANOTHER half hour of rotations between holds and different personnel to get a partial resolution to my problem for a total of ONE AND A HALF HOURS.

DO NOT USE AT&T - THEY ARE TERRIBLE!!! Save yourself a lot of grief!!!

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