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I signed up for internet service with at&t and did not realize that the $25($24.99) a month was a 12 month promotion only until 2 month after the new price was in effect. I had paid $25 the previous month without looking at the bill and when I finally looked it had jumped to $50($49.9) a month. I called to find out why it was suddenly so high and the rep explained that I had signed up during a promotion and it was now over, however, they were running a new promotion where they could upgrade me to a higher speed modem with the U-verse service and it would cost me exactly the same. She said that they would need to send someone to install the new modem and I asked if there would be any additional fees and she said no. I didn't really want to go from paying $25 a month to $50 and I was perfectly fine with the current speed that I had but she made it sound like the U-verse speed was a big upgrade so I agreed.

The installation went well and the new service was working fine. Then I received my first bill and it was just over $300. Turned out that they were charging me for the modem, which the rep had led me to believe was included as part of the promotion. If I was unhappy about paying $50 why would I agree to a $300 bill? I was shocked that the rep completely lied to get me to I agree to this new service that I really didn't want or need in the first place. I must have spoken to 4-5 people before I finally got someone who was able to remove the modem fee and he said he would take care of a $50 credit that the first rep was supposed to have issued to my original account when she closed it to open the new U-verse account.

When the next bill came the modem fee had been removed but I got a bill for the $50 for the old account that was supposed to have been removed and when I called they had no record of it so I thought it was an error and didn't pay it and it got sent to a collector and I receive a letter every couple of months about it. 2 years later I still have the U-verse internet service and while the newer modem looks nicer I can't said I have ever noticed a difference in the speed, I now pay $56 and I am shopping around for something else. I really try to avoid calling At&t if I can help it because I know they can't be trusted, even getting the rep's name doesn't necessarily help if they do not input any notes on your conversation so there might not be a record of your call.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Installation.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $50.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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