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I called AT&T today to cancel my home phone. I have been on hold for more than an hour and am still currently on hold.

This type of service is unacceptable. There is no valid excuse for this. They can afford to charge outrageous fees for their service, but cannot provide decent customer service to their customers. No one has that much time to spend waiting on the line.

What a crock! That's probably why they make you wait so long, so that you will get frustrated and hang up.

I will never use AT&T again and will tell everyone I know about my experience. Boycott AT&T!!

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Time to sign up for ATT phone, about five minutes. Time waiting to disconnect service, now well past one hour waiting on phone, second day trying.


Worst customer service I have ever had. I have 58 minutes waiting and counting never had to wait this long for any other customer service.

AT&T is terrible! :(


36 minutes and counting.... lets see how long this takes.


I am currently trying to get cable and internet service through ATTuverse and once I received the conformation email I saw the install date. More than a month away.

I dont understand how thats acceptable. Suggestions on a better cable company are greatly needed


Guess they think it is cute to call it this. So far I don't have an active phone.

Some caring rep suggested I switch over from my land line to uverse voice -I unwittingly said sure. That was on July 29th - not only have they shut off my land line, and have spent hours and hours of time on the phone with them, and had them cancel my order a few times - no one seems to be able to make this happen.

how is that possible? I'm writing the CEO, Chairman of the Board, requesting retribution, calling the local news, any watchdog organizations - this is totally unacceptable.


yes, sometimes you can be waiting for ages! the question is, whos wait times are actually decent

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