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In January my internet and home phone went dead>>AT&T came out to repair>>placing a temporary

line arose driveway and lawn. 4-5 wks later they came out to bury the line and in so doing broke my

irrigation lines in 2 places and damaged the wiring to a valve and separate solenoid. A water leak developed and Gwinnett Cty water was called to repair>> they dug up my front yard and informed me to

call a plumber to assess. They came out and charged me $300 to inform me it was my sprinkler system>>

the Huron sprinkler co came out and replaced solenoid and some damaged pipe. System checked out>then the next week failed again>>another service call was needed>>to repair damage wiring and pipe>>actually have a photo of phone line traversing a break in my sprinkler PVC. I have called AT&T 4 times now last call was on hold for 40 min and discussing my problem with 3 different departments>>was then cut off as I was to be transferred to "escalate" my complaint!! My bill for internet, home phone and cell service is over $400 per month>>I would expect to recoup the over $600 I have had to pay to repair

the careless repair job by the AT&T workers. So far I have experienced nothing but customer NO-SERVICE!! Help me please .

Michael C Scott Atlanta, GA

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Phone Service.

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Madison, Alabama, United States #1298651

Their contractors just put in fiber optic lines in our subdivision, broke my driveway while drilling under it with a ditch-witch. How do I get this repaired?


Mscott79 - I am very sorry to see what happened with your sprinkler system. I will be happy to assist you with getting this issue resolved.

Can you please send me an email with your account number and contact number to In the subject line please put Mscott79.

My office hours are 9 am to 6 pm EST. Thank you, Nancy AT&T Social Media Manager


It was a contractor who came to bury your drop. AT&T no longer employs people to bury drops.

Complain about this!! AT&T employees care about the customer; the contractors do not.

Always ask if the person is an employee or a contractor be it a field technician or a phone service rep. AT&T is taking the low road and hiring contractors who do not care about you the customer.

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