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In view of the AT&T data scandal, and having been a victim thereof, I have seriously audited and deleted non-essential apps, which happened to be most of them. I am also self imposing a moratorium on any app purchases I do not absolutely need until the scandal is resolved.

The scandal also caused me to re-examine my iPhone's purpose, and quite frankly, all I really need is the phone, anything else and I'll find a wi-fi hotspot. Whatever AT&T has done, my data usage is exhausted within 10 minutes of normal use, it is an out and out ripoff!

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Phone Plan.

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This is a load of bull.

Why pay for unlimited, then get throttled. Seems like false advertisement.

I heard if you fall into the top 5% of data use in your area is when they choke you d internet.

I use my phone for nearly everything. Don't get on my computer because phone is more convenient.

AT&T should be forced to compensate their customers for this scam.


Omg!!!! This is happening to me right now.

I was on the phone with customer service for an hour trying to figure out why my data was being used up so fast.

I never had any data issues until I switched my plan to the "value shared plan", then within days they said I went over and were charging me extra$$. Any advice on what to do???


well this was funny, i called att earlier today to change my texting plan to unlimited. The dude told me that for some reason i didn't have a data plan, i said "whoa whoa whoa" i have the unlimited plan, i have since day one, since ive had my iphone since day 1.

he said "well ill open a case for you, and just put you on the 2gb plan in the mean time." So im guessing that when they call me in a few days they will say something about how they can no longer switch it. What a shady company huh?


If the recent filed lawsuit succeeds in its class action request, JOIN IT!


On the day AT&T charged my credit card $25.00 for a data plan, they also cancelled that data plan. I was told I cannot get a refund because I have used data on my ipad since I purchased it in 2010....

people I kid you not.... this is real....

that is the reason for not refunding my money.. in fairness they did offer to credit me $25.00 on another AT&T wireless plan.... which I do not have so I am stuck....out $25.00....

I plan to fight this one...

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