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AT&T, why do you insist on using these door to door sales people to try and push your service? I have been a very satisfied AT&T (Bellsouth) customer for twenty years, thirteen of them at our current address. I have had home phone, DSL and wireless service with your company, and just recently have changed wireless because of service issues at my new job's location.

For the last few years, about every 2 months, one or two people show up in our driveway and attempt to sell me on the Uverse service, telling me how the lines have been upgraded in our area. I have investigated the Uverse service and at some time I will probably switch to it to replace my DSL service and phone.

But at this time, the DSL service with home phone suits me fine. I don't need someone trying to sell me the service the way that vacuum cleaners were sold in the 1950's. These salespeople obviously ignore the "No Soliciting" signs in our neighborhood. I don't like calling the police for something like this, as I am sure they have much more important things to do.

So i am reaching out via my AT&T DSL connection to you, asking if there is some way that you can please, please flag our account so that this can be resolved. I know where the AT&T store is located, I know how to get on the website, and I can certainly pick up my home phone and call when I am ready to upgrade my service.

I look forward to hearing from you and will gladly provide my account details to you directly.

Thank you.

John Walker

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Hi John. I am very sorry for any issues that you have had regarding our AT&T Door to Door Sales people. I would be glad to try & help in any way that I can. If possible please e-mail added details if needed along with address, date the sales people came and a good contact number you can be reached on. I can be e-mailed at Be sure to put John Walker in the subject line.

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