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I called AT&T to order a new phone. The customer service pulled up someone else's account.

I ask three times during the conversation if she was sure this was my account? She responded yes. When I received the conformation email it had someone elses information not mine. I called the next day and they told me not to worry about it, just reorder the phone since no activity was showing up on my account.

Apparently they shut off this womans phone and she went to the store and was told someone hacked her account. It was turned over to the fraud department and they in turn contacted local law enforcement. I had my rights read to me by an officer and was taken to the station to give a statement letting me know I am being investigated for fraud and identity theft! I called AT&T and they told me there was nothing they could do for me.

I have hired an attorney and now this Ciber Detective is investigating me and accusing me of trying to steal someones identity. I have called several times and told them to check there records and phone recordings because I have done nothing wrong. The incorrect phone was never actived and returned.

I am incurring a great deal of stress and expense, plus they will not even let me out of my contract so I can be done with them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Account.

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I Had 2 lines that were not canceled and I was shut off said they saw this as fraud!!! And aid I could no longer have att This is not Right I want My Name Cleared!!!!2 Lines is you are ALLOWED ????


I am finding that when I paid my first and had to pay double the amount so that I could be prepaying before usage that they deny and all of the prepayments I made and want you to pay more than is reasonable as you have lots of money that they deny they took.


you can cancel your wireless service without

paying any eary termination fee or equipment


you can contact me i will do cancel it ….


hey man are you serious email me ramgos75fe@gmail.com


I am having a problem with global fraud also. The people they need to be investigating that is committing fraud they don't anyway they have cut my house phone off after months of service and stated that my son social security number does not match and they need proofs of address and a id and ss card.

ok why would you need all that to prove the correct ss #? They called last week and stated they was trying to see was I accepting calls from the prison where I have been talking to a guy. The calls are recorded so they can see what is being said.

what i haven't gotten is why everytime you get on the phone they have a different story of whats going on and what needs to be sent in. when i get this straight i am cutting off service and finding someone else for my phone and internet service and then i am going to find a lawyer to take me case for false accusations and interruption a services that did not work work a flip anyways.


Almost the same thing happened to us at&t disconnected our land line saying my mom(85)is opening an acct with different SS# we don't have land line right now!!!


Someone hacked in to my account changed my information and ordered two replacement phones. They didnt give me a chance to explain and accused me of theft and disconnected my line.

They are very rude. :cry


not only rude, bunch of bunch of menopausal *** :(


I opened an account for the first time with at&t and I didn't have my current license on me with my new address, so I told the sales girl to put in my original address instead of the one on the license cause I no longer live there, she did the complete opposite and my phone was turned off within couple hours and turned over to the fraud department. Long story short, I tried talking to them, the manager of the store tried talking to them and we got no where so I ended up returning my christmas gifts cause they canceled the account. I would never deal with them again, they are a bunch of crooks.


:( the problems that I'm having is someone used my name in Texas. And I never stayed in Texas a day in my life I always been in Atlanta.

But I contact them and ask them y would u let someone get service with out them showing I.d. well I'm stuck with a bill I never created. And guess what what watt said they cnt do anything about it.

:x :? :sigh


I have been a happy att customer until my phone number showed up on a verizon phone + account without my permission. Now both phone companys are giving me the run around because of the "port" request that I didnt want or have any part of.

ATT refuses to refund my money or provide the service they agreed to.

Where is the FCC ? arent there any laws to protect peope ?


Missery loves company, but it wasn't until yesterday that I looked online and say how many other people were being screwed by AT&T. I finally got rid of the blackberry and switched to the iPhone.

The phone is great, but my bill came and it is 20% higher than I was quoted in the store. My company's corporate discount is not being applied, as I was told it would when I purchased the phone.

After 3 hours on the phone with four different managers, they basically told me - tough; I can cancel my contract if I don't like it, but they are not honoring the terms I was told in the AT&T store when I purchased the phone.

Buy Verizon - AT&T sucks.


Is anyone having security breach issues with AT&T?


Is anyone having security breach issues with AT&T?


Is it cell phone fraud,when your cell phone is in a dead women's name.....the *** side of the family,put all their cell phones in the wife's grandmothers name,because they couldn't get credit for the phones themselves,because they don't PAY THEIR BILLS.So their credit is shot.Well she since has died,about 2 yrs ago now,and they never took the phones out of her name,its one policy,but 7 phones are on it,the carrier is at&t.They keep harassing us and sending my wife horrible texts.Just wanted to know if this is fraud and should i contact at&t,because i can't take their stuff no more.


At&t are *** liars and cheaters! I upgraded my phone and returned it within a week because I didn't like it, well within the 30 day return policy.

And today a get an e-mail saying i was NOT eligible for a refund. Are you *** kidding me?!!!

Their customer service is horrible! Everyone please save yourselves and get away from these idiots!

Your problems will be heard on deaf ears. I should have left them like I was initially contemplating to do so.


it crazy they keep cutting my phone off sayin im not really who im an this is twice in one month a really dont think this is gone last muck longer if i have to put up with this bs :(


yeah i hear u the we have the same bs and no land ling. I hope they burn in ***

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