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STAY AWAY FROM AT&T!! I recently purchased the go phone for $10 bucks and the $25 rate plan that was supposed to give me 250min and unlimited texts.

I should have had another 60minutes but because of the way they scam you you get charged for a full minute even if it's only 1second into the next minute, there phone does not keep track of these so called minutes that you used and before you know it you have no minutes left! So I refilled my card with another $25, thinking that it would just renew my plan like straight talk and it would just change the refill date, it didn't!! and now I have $22.04 in my acct and can't use my phone to make phone calls without adding another $15!! What a bunch of BullSh@t!!!!

DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PHONE!!! I'm going back to Straight Talk, AT&T can go *** themselves!

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Phone Plan.

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At&t is a rip off I have the unlimited

Gophone for 60 .got my unlimited on the 3 of last month .they cut me off 3 days shack said that is a month .no if u get them on the 3 that's when u get more not the31.glad iI have unlocked phone now I can go anywhere I want .stick it up ur *** at&t


I have a gophone paying $63 monthly, which includes 30 days and 3G. In reality gophone covers only 360 days a year and since there are 365 days per year it means that five days out of the year you are *** out of luck.



Go phones are horrible I hate having to deal with the *** computer talking. I put money in my account and tryed to change my plan and it kept telling me to call back in 30minutes well its been 3 hours and its still not working.

On top of that the offices are closed so no one can help me.I never had theses problems with boost mobile.

Im thinking about finding something else ugh im so frustrated it shouldn't be this hard. :upset


Bought a Go Phone, assured that the 100 minutes I purchased would NEVER expire...the only reason I bought it! Guess what, they did.

No surprise, huh? Well, it was to me.


I'm with AT&T and would like to help. Can you email me the account number and the best number to reach you? Email me: Thanks,Johnathon (AT&T Customer Care Manager)


i am having the same problem ?:(

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