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I've had an AT&T GoPhone for about a year. I went to use it and found the phone blocked. Upon calling AT&T I found the phone had been reported stolen and the $131 account balance had been transferred to another account. AT&T confessed to the theft report and account balance having been carried out in an usual manner. The thief did not have the pass code to the phone, but was able to use the account activation date to verify they "owned" the phone. The most likely source for that information would be poorly secured AT&T records

Despite my proving I had the phone in hand, had the secret pass code, and had not reported the phone stolen, AT&T refused to credit my account with the full account balance. They would only credit $50. AT&T has as full record of the theft and the account to which the balance was transferred. AT&T is fully responsible for allowing this to happen. It is my contention that AT&T owes me $81 in credit and needs to provide better security on these accounts.


I have had an AT&T pre-paid GoPhone for about a year. I keep it at a remote property in Colorado as the "house" phone. It gets used about once a week. We took a vacation in March and the phone was unused for almost three weeks. At the time the phone had $131 in credit on the account.

Upon returning, I went to use the phone and found it was blocked. When trying to make a local call it would fail over to a pre-recorded message telling me to call 611 for assistance. This I did.

After 10 minutes of working through the automated menu *** AT&T calls service, I finally reached a live attendant. He as pleasant and upon being advised that I could not make calls with the phone checked the account. He informed me I had reported the phone stolen and cancelled the account. I told him I had not done this and that the phone was not stolen. I was in fact using it to call him. He assured me I had cancelled the phone. Holding my temper, I explained no one had access to the phone other than myself and it had been unused for almost three weeks. I asked that the phone be re-activated, which was done. Part of the activation process involved the attendant sending a text to the phone which I read back to him.

Suspicions aroused, I asked him to check the credit on the account. "Your account balance is 36¢", was the cheerful reply. "Hold up", I responded, "there should be over $120 on the account". Silence and key clicking ensued as he confirmed this. "Yes", was the eventual response, "you transferred the account balance of $131.71 to another number when you reported the phone stolen". He went on to explain the entire transaction was bit unusual, in that the perpetrator used the phone number and activation date to verify they owned the phone. He would not give me the number the account balance had been transferred to.

I again stated I had NOT reported the phone stolen or transfer the account balance. I also provided the secret access code for the phone to further establish my bona fides. The attendant went off to confer with his managers. After 10 – 15 minutes on hold, he came back online and confirmed that the entire transaction looked suspicious. However, because the account cancellation and transfer had taken place in a "legitimate" manner, the best they would do was provide a $50 credit. I told him this was not acceptable and that I wanted a full credit of the amount stolen. We went a couple of rounds in this vein before I insisted on speaking with a supervisor.

In short order Jennifer came on the line and we had the entire discussion all over again. She also said the way the account had been accessed and changed was very unusual. She could not tell me how the thief was able to obtain the activation date nor would she tell me the number the account balance had been transferred to. From my perspective the only way the thief could have obtained the activation date was to have access to AT&T records.

So we have a stolen account balance. AT&T has as full record of the theft and the account to which the balance was transferred. AT&T is fully responsible for allowing this to happen. Yet AT&T refused to credit the stolen balance back to my phone.

After over an hour of frustration and aggravation, I accepted the $50 credit and had the pass code to the phone changed. It is my contention that AT&T owes me $81 in credit and needs to improve their GoPhone account security measures.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Service Transfer.

Monetary Loss: $81.

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#811544 I have 2 go phones with about 250.00 on them combined.Go phone will not transfer all of it to just one phone.What if any thing can I do.


Go to the FCC. I had to when they messed with the towers and I could no longer get a signal anywhere near me.

I fought with them for 2 yrs wanting the refund of $191.00, and they kept extending my expiration date because I could not use the phone and they refused to give me back my money.

Said I was not getting it back.

I contacted the FCC, told them of my problem and within 3 wks, I had my money back for AT&T. They suck


Update: I also filed a complaint with the FCC. This resulted in a call and e-mail from the AT&T Office of the President. The end result has been:

- Full restoration of funds.

- A promise to review security on GoPhone accounts.

- The information that there is no way for a GoPhone user to ask questions, seek assistance, or file a complaint via the AT&T web site. This must be obtained by calling GoPhone support (611) directly. I emphasized to the rep that this was poor customer service.


Hello, I am from AT&T Social Media and I can help you get this resolved. I greatly apologize for the experience of being a victim of theft.

I see that you only wish to be made whole. Please send your contact information, account information and all relevant details to along with your user name in the subject line.

I am here 11am to 8pm CST Monday through Friday. Social Media Manager: Sam

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