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I recently changed my phone number to an unlisted number due to a massive increase of telemarketing which are now "research companies". I also made it unlisted and added ability to block calls.

The Salesperson who made the change became very adamant about bundling Uverse with my phone service. She wouldn't take no for an answer. I have a DirectTV contract and I have been with DirectTV for over a decade. Finally she just said alright and made the changes I asked for and the horrors began.

I was contacted several times per day, one time at 10:PM from these 888 numbers that kept showing up on my caller ID. Using a cell phone and my landline we contacted one of the numbers. It was like pulling teeth but AT&T finally admitted that it was their company that was automatically calling me harassing me about Uverse. You cannot "BLOCK" AT&T from calling you.

They do not allow it. They told me they must have a way of contacting me, so I requested EMAIL as being an option, so their Uverse sales pitches end up in the SPAM folder. I was using their 1-800 number that sends you off to India or Pakistan where the requests were ignored. So I contacted my local AT&T monopoly center and they were able to make some changes.

But, they made further mistakes. I am somehow listed in a yellow page directory somewhere as a new business. I get phone calls from companies wanting to sell me new Restaurant grills or other business services. Another problem erupted, the 888 area code is a common spam line, and an auto generating dialer and shows up on caller ID as UNKNOWN.

As soon as the answering machine kicks in on all of these numbers, they hang up. I had read other complaints that people just gave up and switched to UVERSE because the harassing calls became too much to handle. This also happened to a friend's work colleague.

That shows how ruthless and how large of a battle ATT waged against competitors using it's pre Ma Belle split strategy that broke up the company throughout the country. It is imbedded in their code of non-ethic corporate behavior.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Email Service.

Monetary Loss: $75.

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I am a single mother & a stranger knocked on my door after dark tonight. When I told her I wasn't interested, she held up her badge affixed to her shirt saying she was w/AT&T uverse.

I told her I wasn't interested & didn't care w/whom she was associated. Then she threatened to dig up my yard. I happened 2B on the ph w/my landlord @ the x.

I went outside to confront her, & told her to leave cuz this subdivision has a rule posted at the entrance re.: no soliciting.I am not interested in getting ripped off. *** her & her Xmas; she can go *** OBAMA!!!!!


I was told today by an At&t CS rep that in order to stop the uverse harassment calls, I would need to cancel my AT&T home phone account and switch to another provider with a new phone number, as well as making the new number unlisted and placing it on the do not call list. I would love to know if a lawsuit for harassment could be brought against AT&T. Hmmm, but then again one would probably need to go into the witness protection program after the lawsuit to avoid any more solicitations from att.

I'll learn? to live with the 15+ solicitation phone calls for U-verse , 2 doorknockers and the 1-2 mailings per week within the past 2 months??

Nothing is certain except Death, Taxes and AT&T Solicitations ?


Hi ImNOTok,

I'll be glad to help you with the telemarketing issue. Please email me your account and contact information to ATTTammyH@att.com my hours are 8a-5p PST M-F.

Include ImNOTok in the subject line. Thanks, Tammy-AT&T Social Media Manager

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